10-Year-Old Boy Raises Over $150,000 To Buy Bulletproof Vests For Police Dogs

A young boy saw a need for change and decided to it about. Ten-year-old Brady Snakovsky is a police officer hopeful, and after finding out that most K9 officers didn’t have bulletproof vests of their own because of the cost, he decided to raise the money for them himself.

Talk about being a go-getter. While watching the police reality show, Live PD, Brady immediately took note of the K9 officers, who were unprotected even though their handler officers wore vests while on duty.

What young Brady found out was that while vests are made for K9s, those at his local station did not have any because of the high costs of the vests. Departments were able to provide protection to their officers, but funds necessary for the dogs were not available, reports Parents.

Knowing that dogs can and do get hurt on the job, Brady decided to raise funds for the K9 officer at his local department.

Brady’s mother helped the young boy set up a GoFundMe page explaining his concern for the K9, what he’d learned about their work and the risks they faced, options for vests, and how much he would need to raise. Brady wanted to raise enough money to provide one vest for the local dog but was eager to raise as much as possible in order to provide vests for any K9 officer that needed one, he says on his GoFundMe page.

Parents reports that Brady’s fundraiser went viral, and since creating the fund, he was able to raise money to protect nearly 160 dogs, with funds totaling over one hundred fifty thousand dollars. Each vest is over one thousand dollars, and by working with the manufacturer, Brady is able to secure the vests at the discounted price offered to law enforcement, according to his GoFundMe page update.

Brady didn’t stop with just the one dog in his department, he even went so far as to set up a foundation that will continue raising funds and awareness for K9 officers and the work they provide to the public. Brady hopes that through his foundation, every K9 officer will have the protection they need to do their work.

In the meantime, Brady is busy working through school and getting the education he needs to be a police officer himself. What do you think of Brady’s story and his desire to help K9 officers? Spread this story to dog lovers on social media and say your congratulations to Brady in the comments below.

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