16 Items In Your Home You Should Be Cleaning Every Single Month

When life gets busy, keeping a clean living area is very difficult. We’ve always followed a “clean as you go” philosophy to keep the mess from building up and becoming too overwhelming.

Nevertheless, you have a tendency to forget about some nooks and crannies.

We’ve compiled a list of 16 things and spaces in your house that need cleaning once a month.


Tending to baseboards is essential, particularly when you have active children and furry companions. Employ a damp cloth to remove dust before it accumulates and becomes stubbornly ingrained gently.

Washing Machine

Your washing machine is a workhorse, and maintaining its cleanliness is vital. Ensure its optimal performance by running an empty cleaning cycle at least once a month. Don’t forget to wipe down the machine’s exterior for a comprehensive upkeep routine.

Small Appliances

Remember to give some attention to your smaller appliances, such as the kettle, coffee maker, stand mixer, blender, and toaster. Regularly wipe them down to keep them in good working condition.

Porches and Decks

The frequency of sweeping your porches and decks may vary depending on your location, but it’s a good practice to clear away leaves, cobwebs, and other debris at least once a month.


Make it a monthly routine to employ the handheld attachment on your vacuum for a thorough cleaning of your upholstered furniture. Don’t forget to take out the cushions and vacuum beneath them for a comprehensive cleaning.

The Fridge

It’s a good practice to empty your refrigerator at least once a month (even better if done every two weeks). Discard any expired items, thoroughly wipe down the shelves and drawers, and then reorganize the contents before putting them back in.


To safeguard your tiles, make it a habit to clean the grout between them at least once a month. This regular maintenance will help prevent irreversible staining.

Kitchen Cabinets

With time, kitchen cabinets accumulate a layer of grease, grime, dust, and food splatters. To prevent this buildup from becoming unmanageable, it’s advisable to wipe them down at least once a month.


Make a monthly habit of giving your appliances a thorough cleaning. Wipe down stainless steel surfaces to eliminate dust and fingerprints, and don’t forget to ensure that the interiors of your appliances, including the microwave, stay clean as well.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures’ shades and glass can accumulate dust surprisingly fast. To maintain a clean and well-lit space, it’s important to wipe them down at least once a month.

Makeup Brushes

The frequency of cleaning your makeup brushes depends on your makeup usage. However, because germs and bacteria can quickly accumulate on these brushes, it’s advisable to give them a thorough cleaning at least once a month to prevent any bacterial transfer to your face.

Furnace Filters

For both the well-being of your furnace and the quality of the air you breathe, it’s essential to inspect your furnace filters at least once a month and replace them as necessary. This routine maintenance helps ensure optimal performance and clean indoor air.

Range Hood Filters

Cleaning range hood filters may not always be at the top of our to-do lists, but it’s an important task! To keep your kitchen’s air ventilation in top shape, give the filters a thorough soak, gentle scrub, and rinse at least once a month.


Investing in a carpet cleaner has proven to be one of our best decisions. We make sure to give all the area rugs in our home a thorough cleaning once a month, which is especially crucial when you have children and pets. This practice helps maintain a clean and fresh living environment.


Cleaning windows can be a bit more frequent in our household due to our slobbery canine companions, but in general, it’s a good practice to clean your windows at least once a month to ensure they stay clear and shiny.

Ceiling Fans

Dusting and wiping down ceiling fan blades might not be the most enjoyable task, but it’s an important one. Make it a point to tackle this chore at least once a month to prevent the accumulation of that super gross dust!

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