5th Graders Dressed As Babies Leave Younger Grades Cracking Up With Talent Show Theatrics

I remember always looking forward to the yearly talent shows in grade school. We used to see some of the craziest things. Sometimes, we would get a peek at real talent. Most of the time, though, the shows ended up being just a fun diversion from the normal routine of the day. But would any of your school’s performances have gone viral had that technology been available back then?

In this video from 2017, a group of 5th-grade boys from the New Braunfels Christian Academy in Texas performed a routine at the school talent show dressed like babies. The crowd’s riotous laughter is a sign of their success, and the video has since gone viral online!

A few years ago, a parent’s recording of a talent show at the New Braunfels Christian Academy in Texas sent a group of 5th graders to viral-land on social media. Uploaded to YouTube on May 12, 2017, the video starts with Rider, Hunter, Mason, and Graham being introduced. Mason’s father, Randy Benson captured the entire performance on video for the world to see. You won’t believe what these boys are up to!

A black sheet is hiding the boys on stage. As the sheet is removed, we see only the boy’s heads and arms with bodies the size of babies wearing colorful onesies. Suddenly, we hear Taylor Swift’s hit, Shake It Off, and the boys start lip-syncing along with the lyrics. The boys take turns, with each lip-syncing a couple of lines, and then continue with their hilarious routine in this get-up.

The audience is in an uproar with laughter. As the song ends, the music switches as the boys don baseball hats, grab bats, and start hitting baseballs into the crowd in their baby disguise. Then, the music changes to Kung Fu Fighting, and the boys continue as the crowd goes wild!

Then they transition to YMCA. These kids are pros with their dance moves. Next, come the sunglasses and another hit song. You can tell that they’ve really spent some time practicing. Their choreography is pretty amazing!

The expressions on their faces while they perform this ingenious routine is one of the best parts. They know how hilarious they look and really seem to be enjoying the reaction of the audience. The boys remain in character until the very end of their presentation.

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