76-yr-old Instagram influencer stuns haters in a swimsuit

76-year-old woman criticized for not dressing age-appropriate shows off her stunning figure in swimsuit.

Candace Leslie Cima is a woman in her 70s, but she defies age. This lady, who is very active on the social media, has thousand of followers on TikTok and Instagram where she posts photos of herself and her stunning figure.

However, despite the fact that many people love what she does, there are also those who judge her, writing that she’s too old to be an influencer. The reason for this is probably the fact that when we think of influencers, the first thing that comes to mind are young ladies with big lips who promote certain lifestyle or products.

Back in 2022, Cima caused a stir among her followers and other social media users after posting a clip of herself in a white tank top and pair of jeans, along with strappy white heels. This was when she revealed that she was 75 years of age.

Speaking of her style, which some believe doesn’t fit her age, Cima says she simply wears what she feels comfortable in. At the same time, she loves the fact that she ages gracefully because she’s fascinated with aging. What’s most, she owned and operated a senior housing community for more than three decades.

Cima turned 76 recently and celebrated her birthday in Key Largo. She created a beautiful video of herself wearing swimsuit which she posted on the social media, leaving many of her fans speechless.

She definitely defies age and contrary to what some people have to say about Cima’s posts which they brand ‘inappropriate’ for someone her age, we believe she’s a stunningly beautiful lady.

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