A 2-month-old baby saying “I love you,” and his mom is over the moon with happiness.

Adoring mother captures a heartwarming video where her 8-week-old baby says, “I love you.” For any parent, it’s always an extraordinary moment when they hear their child’s first words. Around the sixth month, most babies can produce speech-like sounds, indicating names like mommy and daddy or simply expressing what they want, like a bottle of milk or a toy.

Understanding these words can be challenging since the baby may present a combination of sounds, noises, and even cries that could signal entirely different needs. A recent video posted on YouTube amazed many viewers by showcasing how an 8-week-old baby could say the words “I love you,” echoing after her mother.

The mom aims to capture the moment with the help of the camera. Engaging her little daughter in a brief conversation about how the past

Christmas went, the mother made the girl happy as she babbled joyful sounds and smiled widely. Viewers debated the validity of this claim, but for the mother, it was a touching experience of communicating with her daughter, and she was happy to capture it.

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