A Girl Is Called “Hulk” Due To Her Rare Condition, But She Has the Perfect Response to All the Trolls

Olivia Klopchin was born with a rare condition that caused her arm to experience excessive swelling during her childhood. Olivia initiated the process of documenting her journey on TikTok and candidly shared her experiences of living with this condition with her followers. While she had a predominantly supportive community, Olivia also encountered a significant number of mocking comments. Nevertheless, she demonstrated the perfect response to silence her detractors.

She was born with a minor bruise that led to swelling in her arm.

Olivia Klopchin, a 19-year-old, gained immense popularity on TikTok by showcasing her unique birth condition: an enlarged arm. Upon her birth, medical professionals detected a minor bruise and diagnosed her with a vascular malformation. Consequently, her arm exhibited an unusual discoloration and swelled to an abnormal size.

In her TikTok videos, Olivia openly embraces her arm, and the majority of her content revolves around sharing her life experiences. She expressed, “I’ve definitely had a lot of interesting reactions to my arm on the internet. Some people are so awesome about it and tell me how beautiful I am and how much they love my confidence.”

Olivia documents her experiences on TikTok but faces some negative comments.

“Of course, I got stares from people, but I understood at a young age that I was different and that people were going to stare and that there was nothing I could do about it.” In spite of Olivia’s optimistic outlook and willingness to be open about her situation, she has unfortunately been subjected to unkind remarks and jokes about her arm, including comparisons to The Hulk. She shared, “Some of the worst things people have said, it’s mostly been online.”

Olivia shared that some people have questioned why she hasn’t undergone surgery to remove her arm. Nevertheless, Olivia humorously addresses the mocking comments in her TikToks, and many of her supporters have lauded her positive attitude. One of her followers expressed, “So glad I came across your page! My son was born with malformations on his leg! Your videos have relieved us for the future!”

“There’s always going to be negative people on the internet — that’s something we can’t escape.”

Olivia’s mother remarked, “She always stood up for herself; it’s her normal even though it’s not everybody else’s normal.” Olivia herself added, “I was able to do sports, I would hang out with friends, and my friends would question things about my arm, but I was always open and willing to answer the questions they had. I am truly thankful that my arm hasn’t given me any downsides to life. I could consider the pain a downside, but I choose not to.” She remains dedicated to raising awareness and maintaining a positive outlook in the face of any mockery.

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