At least not completely naked! The provocative outfit of Salma Hayek came as a big disappointment for the fans

How embarrassing in public!

Salma Hayek showed off her black underwear in a mesh dress, completely forgetting her age!

The actress has always been questioned about how she manages to look so beautiful and appealing at her age.

The Mexican actress’s ability to stay youthful and in good health despite age has never ceased to amaze her fans.

Salma is one of the celebrities in show business, though, who frequently makes provocative and revealing appearances that stun the public. Her wardrobe selections are frequently daring, somewhat revealing, and occasionally provocative.

The fans had a lot of questions after she showed up at the premiere wearing a completely see-through mesh dress. Her stunning figure was exquisitely accentuated by the dress, which barely covered anything.

Printed flowers adorned the mesh dress. It all appeared to be a step away from being vulgar.

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