Awkward Dining Moment – Mother-in-Law Insists I Cover the Entire Bill Due to My Large Steak Order

During a family dinner, a slender woman with a voracious appetite received criticism and reprimands from her mother-in-law for overindulging in food. The woman refused to pay the full tab at the insistence of her mother-in-law.

Individuals differ from one another in terms of their metabolism, way of life, and general health. Even while some people are thinner than others, it doesn’t automatically follow that they eat much less.

It is unavoidable to receive criticism from others, regardless of one’s size or weight. Regretfully, one woman’s relationship with her mother-in-law was like this. When she abruptly started consuming significantly more than she usually did when dining with her husband’s family, things quickly got out of hand.

Maintaining a Slim Figure

An anonymous 27-year-old woman turned to the Reddit community to share her story and seek advice about her situation. She explained that she comes from a family with fast metabolisms.
Her line of work with horses also requires her to move a lot and burn through her calories. However, she usually has big meals to regain her energy and fuel herself for work. Still, her figure remains slim beyond her control.

The woman did not share any concerns she had with her size. However, she revealed that her mother-in-law often watched over her food consumption. The woman had been married for four years to a man she had known for over six years at the time they wed. Sadly, her relationship with her mother-in-law isn’t ideal.

Dinner with the In-Laws

One evening, the woman’s in-laws invited her and her husband to dinner. By the time evening came, the woman was starving. Because of her busy schedule, her last meal was around six in the morning, with no snacks in between.

Admittedly, she usually has a bite before seeing her mother-in-law to avoid hearing comments, but she did not get the chance this time. Because of her appetite, the woman ordered steak, which was good for two people to share. It also came with prawns, bacon, and two other side dishes.

While it was a dish fit for two, it wasn’t the most expensive item on the menu. The woman also knew that she and her husband would be paying half the bill, so she had no problem ordering it.

Her Mother-In-Law’s Comments

“My MIL started making comments [about] how I shouldn’t be ordering what I can’t eat since even her husband wouldn’t be able to finish the dish, let alone someone my size,” the woman said. However, she just smiled and said she would take the leftovers home should there be any.

Because she was starving, the woman easily consumed her order and waited for dessert. At that point, her mother-in-law got angry and claimed the woman was “putting on a show” and looking for attention.

The mother-in-law claimed that a woman her size shouldn’t be eating that much and that her actions made others at the table uncomfortable. She then demanded that her daughter-in-law and son pay for the entire bill because she did not want to spend as much. The woman narrated:

” I said we are absolutely not covering the entire bill since it was meant to be split equally and reminded her of the dishes she ordered, that were significantly more expensive compared to my steak (including her starter).”

While the dinner did not end well, the woman’s husband sided with her and understood where she was coming from. However, his side of the family would make subtle hints through social media posts and would send the woman articles about excessive eating.”

The woman’s Reddit post received several comments from people who supported her. One person even hoped that the woman would take her last bite of steak while looking at her mother-in-law in the eyes.

Meanwhile, another Reddit user suggested that the checks should be separated, depending on each person’s order.

“I wouldn’t go to dinner with someone who wants to police my food and wants me to order less food, so I’d get stuck subsidizing their expensive dishes,” the person said.

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