Brad Pitt’s Daughter Vivienne Is One Of The Prettiest Girls Alive Today

Brad Pitt has been making sexiest man alive lists since the ’90s, while Angelina Jolie has also been named the most beautiful woman in the world — so it’s no surprise that their offspring should be any different.

Parents to a large brood of children, the couple’s youngest child is Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt—but only by one minute, as her twin brother Knox arrived into the world mere seconds before her. Now twelve years old, Vivienne is gorgeous and considering her parents’ genetics, is perhaps the prettiest girl in the world.

One of the wonderful things about having children is seeing how two people combine to create a third human being. Without a doubt, when one or both parents are genetically blessed in the looks department, that usually makes its way to their children. And that was no exception for movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Parents to six children, three of whom are adopted and three who are biological, the famous pair are no longer together, but they are still co-parenting their kids. Even though the phenomenon that was Brangelina is over, the couple still parent with each other respectfully, and their six children seem to be growing up in a very loving and supportive household.

Before we meet Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, let’s first take a look at their respective lives and how they came to be known not only as some of the most beautiful humans on the planet, but also some of the most famous faces in Hollywood.

Pitt had a relatively normal start to life. He was born on Dec. 18, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. However, Pitt grew up in Springfield, Missouri with his family, rather than in Oklahoma. In an interview with ‘Parade,’ Pitt reflected on his childhood:

“My dad ran a trucking company. When I was a little kid we moved to Tulsa, then to St. Louis and, by the time I was in kindergarten, we lived in Springfield, Missouri. There I basically grew up. My father came from a very poor background, but I was very fortunate in the sense that we were never in need. My dad was determined to make sure that we didn’t want for things. He wanted to give us more opportunity than he had, a better shot at a better life. He did that for us.”

Pitt went on to talk about how his family environment was not only supportive but also encouraged him to delve into new things. He said:

“I had a very supportive family environment that gave me room to explore and discover things about myself,” he says. “When I was a boy I would ask about my family history, about my bloodlines. We really didn’t know that much. We had a little Indian in us from the Oklahoma Trail ofTears. We were situated in southern Missouri, right along the Mason-Dixon Line, between the Northand the South, where you have this confluence of different cultures—Texas and Oklahoma from thesouth, the hillbilly from the Appalachian range to the east, the Midwestern coming down from above.There was all these different influences and ideas and accents coming into this place.”

Brad Pitt even attended the University of Missouri, studying journalism with a focus on advertising. But just weeks shy of graduation day, Pitt decided to move to Los Angeles, with a dream of perhaps working in the film industry. In an interview with ‘Parade,’ Pitt said that movies were “a portal into different worlds for” him. He got his first role in 1987, but it wasn’t until his turn in 1991’s “Thelma and Louise” that he started gaining traction in Hollywood. The movie’s love scene is what is widely considered to have put him on the map as Hollywood’s favorite hunk.

The ’90s catapulted Brad Pitt to stardom, as he appeared in movies such as “Interview With the Vampire,” “Legends of the Fall,” “Seven,” and “Fight Club.” It was around then that he also began dating equally beautiful actresses, the most famous of whom were Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, the latter of which he went on to marry. In a very public situation, his marriage to Aniston ended as rumors abounded that he and Angelina Jolie got together after working on the film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” The rumors turned out to be true and Brangelina, as they were dubbed by the press, became the most beautiful couple in Hollywood, but their pairing wasn’t without scandal. Because Brad Pitt was with Jennifer Aniston at the time that he met Angelina Jolie, rumors were flying everywhere. After divorcing Brad Pitt in October of 2005, Aniston did an interview with ‘Vanity Fair.’ When asked if she believed that Brad Pitt hadn’t cheated on her with Angelina Jolie, Aniston said:

“I choose to believe my husband. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything, but I would much rather choose to believe him.”

Despite the drama, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ended up building a family together. Contrary to Pitt’s regular upbringing, Angelina Jolie has Hollywood in her blood. The daughter of renowned actor Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, who was also an actress and humanitarian, Jolie was born in Los Angeles on June 4, 1975, and grew up on film sets. However, it wasn’t her father’s successful career that inspired her to take up acting but instead the many movies she’d watch at home with her mother. In her very own opinion article in The New York Times for Mother’s Day, Jolie speaks about how her mother truly inspired her. She wrote:

“I loved my mom. She was raised Catholic on the South Side of Chicago…her dreams of being an actor faded as she found herself, at the age of 26, raising two children with a famous ex who would cast a long shadow on her life. After she died, I found a video of her acting in a short film. She was good. It was all possible for her.”

Ready to take the path her mother couldn’t, Angelina Jolie eventually enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, and after a rebellious period in her late teens, Jolie committed to her passion for the craft.

She experienced immense success early on with movies such as “Gia,” “The Bone Collector,” and “Girl, Interrupted,” before focusing on more mainstream films including “Gone in 60 Seconds” and the “Tomb Raider” franchise. Her innate acting talent combined with her ethereal beauty skyrocketed her to the top of Hollywood while she was still relatively young. But outside of her career, Jolie began to show a new side of herself as a humanitarian, no doubt also inspired by her mother. It was around this time that she adopted her first child, a boy from Cambodia named Maddox. Only a couple of years later she took a role in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” which would introduce her to Brad Pitt.

While the public doesn’t truly know what happened between Aniston, Pitt, and Jolie, the fallout was a huge scandal in Hollywood. Jolie was accused of breaking up Aniston and Pitt’s marriage, and while the situation wasn’t discussed by any of them, Jolie did make a few comments later on. She admits that she fell in love with Pitt during the making of “Mr. & Mr. Smith,” but that they weren’t intimate, later saying in an interview:

“To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive. I could not look at myself in the morning if I did that. I wouldn’t be attracted to a man who would cheat on his wife.”

Nevertheless, Brangelina became an item and just as suddenly as they got together, their family grew. Jolie adopted a second child around this time, a girl from Ethiopia named Zahara, and it later turned out that Pitt was also involved in the decision. Soon after, he legally adopted both Maddox and Zahara as his own children. Following this, Jolie became pregnant with the couple’s first biological child, who would be named Shiloh. Assigned female at birth, Shiloh now goes by the name John. Initially, assuming the preference to be a phase, Jolie and Pitt took it in their stride. The couple also adopted another son in 2007, a boy from Vietnam named Pax. In a matter of two years, Pitt and Jolie began dating and added three additional children to their family, which already consisted of Angelina’s first child. A family of six is by no means small, but the couple wasn’t done yet.

At the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, the couple confirmed that Jolie was pregnant once more, this time with twins. Just a few months later on July 12, she gave birth to Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, who were born one minute apart, with Knox the elder of the two. Knowing how much media interest there would be around the twins’ birth, the couple sold the rights to the first images of them to People and Hello! for $14 million, making history as the most expensive celebrity photos ever taken. They donated the money to their nonprofit organization, the Maddox-Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

Accompanying the feature in ‘Hello!’ was an interview with the couple about family life. They talked about their large brood of six, with Pitt telling the magazine, “Always said if I were to do it, I’d do it big.” Meanwhile, Jolie added, “Wanting a big family is one of the things that brought us together.” They also explained their choice of names, with Pitt stating:

“Vivienne came to us early, as if she named herself. She has always been Viv. And Marcheline is to honor Angie’s late mother. Knox is a family name—my grandfather’s—and Leon is a classic French name.”

As one can imagine, Jolie absolutely adores having named her daughter after her mom, telling Hello!, “Every time I see or say Vivienne’s full name I think of my mom.” And just like where their names come from, the twins are also taking after each parent, with Pitt stating:

“I dare to say Viv is proving to resemble Ange in spirit, attitude and physicality. She is quite elegant like her mother.”

If she takes after her mom, then it really is no surprise that Vivienne is the prettiest girl alive, and one who may well go on to become one of the most beautiful women in the world. Considering who her parents are, it’s perhaps unsurprising to learn that she’s even acted in a Hollywood blockbuster already! At the tender age of five, Vivienne acted alongside her Oscar-winning mother Angeline Jolie in the movie “Maleficent,” playing a young Princess Aurora. For now, it’s her only acting credit, but it’s still too early to say what kind of life and career she will choose for herself. According to ‘Hello!,’ Angelina Jolie told ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that she hadn’t originally planned for Vivienne to star in the film. Angeline Jolie said:

“We think it’s fun for our kids to have cameos and join us on set, but not to be actors. That’s not our goal, for Brad and I, at all. but the other three and four-year-old [performers] wouldn’t come near me. It had to be a child that liked me and wasn’t afraid of my horns and my eyes and my claws. So it had to be Viv.”

Jolie also mentioned that her other child, Pax who was 10 at the time, was too scared of her in her Maleficent costume and makeup:

“When Pax saw me for the first time, he ran away and got upset – and I thought he was kidding, so I was pretending to chase him until I actually found him crying.”

At the end of the day, a kid was needed for the shot, and because Vivienne — unlike her other siblings — wasn’t too afraid of her mom in costume, she got the role.

Almost a teenager, Vivienne is growing up to look more and more like a stunning blend of her parents every day. Photographed at the “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” premiere in 2019, when Angelina arrived with all of her children on the red carpet, Vivienne looked so much like her mother, with a dash of her father mixed in for good measure.

On top of inheriting their good looks, the young girl appears to be following in their humanitarian footsteps too. Alongside Jolie and the rest of her siblings, Vivienne was photographed selling dog treats at a local dog park in Los Angeles in 2019, with proceeds going to a rescue shelter. A keen animal lover, Vivienne had some devastating news in 2020 when her pet bunny died during surgery. Jolie told ‘Harper’s Bazaar:’

“…Vivienne’s bunny passed away during a surgery, and we adopted two sweet little ones who are disabled. They need to be in pairs. They are so gentle and it has helped to focus on their care with her at this time. And on the dogs, and snake, and lizard…”

She also revealed that she’s keeping calm for her children, stating:

“Like most parents, I focus on staying calm so my children don’t feel anxiety from me on top of all they are worrying about. I put all my energy into them.”

Jolie has frequently discussed homeschooling her children, even before the pandemic, and that all of her kids are learning different languages. She told BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, as reported by ‘Hello!,’ “Vivienne really wanted to learn Arabic.”

Breathtakingly pretty, smart, and with a kind, humanitarian spirit, Vivienne truly is taking after her parents, and she’s only just entering her adolescent years! We can’t wait to see her grow up even more and find out where life takes her.

Did you know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter Vivienne took after her famous parents so much? We’d love to know your thoughts, so be sure to pass this on to any fans of theirs you know!

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