Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Make-Up Free Selfie Had Fans Fawning Over Her Natural Beauty And Elegance

Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the most prominent Welsh-born actresses who made it big in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Zeta-Jones was born in September 1969 in Wales. She grew up with humble beginnings with a father who ran a sweets factory and a mother who was a seamstress. While attending school, Zeta-Jones starred in school productions at a very young age. Eventually, she won a local junior talent competition that gained her some recognition. She often traveled to London as part of a young girl’s dance group, and she even won a national tap dancing competition in her early teen years.

At the young age of 15, she decided to leave school full-time to follow her dreams of becoming an actress. She moved to London, where her hard work paid off, and she eventually got the film debut she was hoping for. In 1990 she debuted in “1001 Nights,” which kicked off her long-standing acting career.

Throughout the years, Zeta-Jones was notable because of how proud she was of her body. Embodying the confidence that her character Velma Kelly had in “Chicago,” Zeta-Jones has continued to flaunt her stunning physique at the age of 53 years old.

Like many younger people nowadays, Zeta-Jones has been a fan of using social media to express herself: specifically Instagram, where she has already amassed more than 5 million followers. On frequent occasions, Zeta-Jones blesses her loyal fans and followers with alluring selfies and photos. The 54-year-old actress had fans fawning over her after posting a barefaced selfie while still in her bed, accentuating the beauty and elegance that came with aging.

Zeta-Jones gained massive popularity during the 2000s; she was booked and busy, starring in back-to-back films every year: “Intolerable Cruelty,” “Ocean’s Twelve” and “The Terminal,” among many others. She has since received awards recognizing her for her incredible work on the silver screen.

Despite being hailed No. 1 on People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People list in 1998, Zeta-Jones, like any other woman, still has to put on a brave face and experience being insecure once in a while.

“When I read a script and the character’s description has the prefix of ‘beautiful, stunning, gorgeous,’ it’s always intimidating. Personally, I would never consider myself a great beauty but my mother always told me to make the best of myself,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald in 2021.

However, she pointed out that later on, aging played a huge role in how she looked at herself.

“There’s a confidence I’ve sometimes had to put on when I walk down a red carpet. I have my insecurities like every other woman. But as I’ve got older, I’ve got much more confident about the way I look,” she revealed.

Evidently, Zeta-Jones’ words are actually true. On her Instagram account, she has stunned her followers over and over again as she poses in front of the camera, whether it is a selfie or a recorded video of her working out.

In July 2021, she also received tons of praise on social media when she posted a video of herself showing her impressive Yoga skills while aboard a yacht.

Zeta-Jones has also stunned more of her followers with a birds-eye-view selfie of her wearing gold-lined-black lingerie, highlighting her physique and her structured face that all of her fans have come to love.

Being married to her husband, Michael Douglas, Zeta-Jones is not shy about posting her hubby on the same social media platform. Even her pet dog makes the occasional appearance on her profile, showing her “unconditional love” for her fur baby.

If one checks her page, which contains almost 2,000 posts already, many of the photos she’s shared on the platform are either photos of her in a bikini or photographs showing how she enjoys her life.

For Zeta-Jones, her dreams have “come true,” and everything else now is a bonus” for her.

On Sept. 17, 2021, Zeta-Jones had fans fawning over her after she posted a barefaced selfie of her while still in her bed. The “Chicago” actress looked beautiful and elegant as her hair flowed messily along her shoulders into her arms.

“Sleeping in @casazetajones! #SelfieSaturday #CasaZetaJones,” she captioned her post.

Meanwhile, fans wasted no time in expressing their appreciation for the beautiful photo.

“The natural look is so much better catherine is beautiful without makeup,” someone gushed.

“You are so beautiful without make up 👍😁,” another commented.

“Good morning sunshine! You’re so gorgeous!,” one greeted.

Others noticed how her barefaced selfie accentuates her facial structure, making her more beautiful as she aged like fine wine.

“I think we all understand all actors need certain makeup to fit the part they are playing, but in the real life, there is nothing like a beautiful natural woman like Catherine I have been married for 50 years and my wife looks as beautiful today she did the day I first saw her, and that is without make up,” someone echoed.

Are you a fan of Catherine Zeta-Jones? Do you agree that she looks better without makeup on? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends, and other Catherine Zeta-Jones fans!

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