‘Charlie’s Angels’ Jaclyn Smith On Her Age-Defying Secrets: ‘You’re Looking At A Clean-Living Girl’

No matter how many times ‘Charlie’s Angels’ is remade, the cast members from the original television series are still cherished by fans.

Reboots have included such beauties as Kristen Stewart, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Naomi Scott, but the original TV trio made-up of Kate Jackson, the late Farrah Fawcett and Jacyln Smith will always hold a place in viewers’ hearts.

Now 78, Jaclyn reveals some of the secrets to her age-defying looks.

Smith has always been stunning. During the time she worked on “Charlie’s Angels,” she resisted the temptations of Hollywood and she is fully aware that living a healthy life is the key to preserving her beauty as she stated here in an interview with Better Nutrition last year.

The actress, who once battled breast cancer, now says to The Daily Mail, “You’re looking at a clean-living girl.” Married to heart surgeon, Brad Allen since 1997, Jaclyn says she doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and has never touched a drug. She does confess to enjoying the occasional burger and pizza, however!

The star relies on a regular fitness regime, working out with a trainer for a minimum of three sessions a week and believes being creative helps keep her young at heart.

Although the star has non-invasive beauty treatments, such as facial peels and laser treatments, she isn’t a fan of major plastic surgery and prefers a more natural look.

What do you think about Smith and her secret for everlasting beauty? Does it inspire you to start living healthier? Pass on these images of Smith on to friends and let them see how good she still looks after all these years.

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