Company offers $2,500 to infest your house with American cockroaches for the strangest reason

For most people, having a cockroach infestation in their home might be their biggest nightmare. But this company is offering $2000 to anyone who is willing to put up with it!

This is such a strange request, and it has a lot of conditions attached to it. Keep reading to know more!

A company in North Carolina called The Pest Informer has announced they will give $2,500 to anyone who is willing to have their home infested with American cockroaches.

The reason for doing so for the company is simple: they want to test out the effectiveness of a specific pest control technique. But the conditions attached to the request are anything but simple.

To qualify for this offer, you need to have lived in your home for more than 30 days, and while the infestation is underway, you are not allowed to use any other form of pest control methods; no matter how gross it gets!

The company says homeowners will be given a generous sum of $2,500 for their participation.

The company says they are eager to try out a new technique of pest control. However, the new technique is experimental and hence it might not actually even work!

So what is the alternative? The company says if the infestation is not under control in 30 days, they will resort to traditional pest control techniques to get everything back in order. But that does mean you have to live with a cockroach infestation in your home for a month!

This seems like a big ask, and while the pay out might be generous, for a lot of people, this might be a hard pass!

People of course, shared their thoughts on this offer, one person commented, “They have lost their minds. I can’t stand to be in a house with one roach. I think they need to get someone who has this issue already and help them out. They must not be able to pay to get them gone so that company can do it for free for them.” The comment pointed out that it might be better to approach homes that are already struggling with the issue rather than infesting a home from scratch.

Another person wrote, “They not offering nowhere near enough,” pointing towards how the payout is not worth infesting your home.

But most people in the comments were completely against the idea, saying that they would never resort to something like this for a payout that was not that significant.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be up for infesting your home for a little bit of cash? Let us know in the comments! Share this with others to see what they would do in such a situation!

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