Cool Dad Squeezes Himself Into Leotard For ‘Single Ladies’ Dance With Daughters

There are certain people that will do just about anything for their children, including embarrassing themselves.

Steve Haddad went to extreme measures to make sure his children got what they asked for. He agreed to do a lip-syncing routine to Single Ladies by Beyonce. It wasn’t until moments before performance time that his daughters showed him what he would be wearing during the routine: a leotard.

Steve and his wife have always gone above and beyond with their children. It simply made sense that Steve would agree to such a silly act. Steve is the type of person who would agree to anything to see a smile on his daughters’ faces.

Tina spoke out about Steve’s attitude and loving nature. She explained that he took their request seriously, and how he even went to a choreographer to get the routine down.

Steve and his daughters ended up practicing the routine for weeks prior to actually giving their performance. Tina was absolutely shocked when she saw her husband in his leotard on the day of the performance. He hadn’t practiced in the leotard, so she had no idea what he looked at before it was time for the performance.

The result was spectacular.
Steve, in his leotard, nailed almost every move. The entire family was laughing as the dancing continued. One member of the family decided to record the entire thing, sharing it on Tina’s Facebook page. The video has nearly over 35 million views and has been liked over 120,000 times. You can watch the entire performance here.

Now that you have seen what all the commotion is about, tell your friends about Steve, his leotard, and the passion he showed for his daughters. Perhaps you even know a cool dad that goes just as above and beyond as Steve in satisfying their children. Parents like that are sure to love the sight of Steve making his children happy.

Would your dad dance with you too if you asked him to? Let us know in the comments and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!

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