Deformed ‘Gremlin’ Puppy Gets Second Shot At Life After Being Rescued From Careless Backyard Breeder

Dogs are the best companions in life as they provide affection to their owners regardless of any situation and offer unconditional love.

However, some humans exploit these lovely creatures, as they inbreed certain kinds for selling purposes.

This was the regrettable case with a French Bulldog named Myskia, who was callously bred to resemble a “gremlin” and the backyard breeder’s plan was to “sell her puppies, kill her, and throw her to the trash” according to Lucky Tales Rescue.

“They want to shorten their stance and have them like bow-legged to look kind of like the gremlin look,” Rimar, the dog’s foster parent, explained in a September 2023 interview with Local12.

In a Facebook post by the animal rescue group in July 2023, they asked the public for donations and gave more insight about the sweet little puppy, who was 7 months old at the time when she was rescued.

The dog, who was nicknamed Gremlin, was supposed to be killed after the breeder realized they wouldn’t be able to make money off her, but fortunately, another person had a kind heart and was able to talk to the original owner to give the puppy to them, and they immediately contacted the group.

Lucky Tales Rescue further explained the dog’s condition, as they wrote that she has “congenital deformity of her limbs, Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome (BAS) and aspiration pneumonia.”

Myskia did her best to fight for her life at the animal hospital even though it was initially suggested for her to be euthanized due to her health condition.

“She had an actual inflammatory polyp that had grown from all of the inflammation from her trying to breathe. It was covering 40% of her airway, so they had to cut that out and then she spent two weeks on oxygen there in their ICU unit,” Rimar explained. After weeks of recovery, Myskia’s health finally improved.

Although the attempt to save her life was not easy and the animal rescue group knew that it would cost them a lot of money, they still wanted to give her another chance in life.

“Even though she won’t have a normal life, she’s having a comfortable happy life and that’s what matters,” Laura Morgan, the president of Lucky Tales Rescue said in the Local12 interview.

The animal rescue organization had incurred $10,000 in medical expenses for Myskia and at the time of the report, her veterinarian was optimistic about her getting her leg braces soon.

Facebook fans of the organization expressed their love for Myskia as one wrote, “I Hope she lives a Happy Life🥰🐾💖😊”

“Poor baby, I hope she eventually can find a furever home,” another one wrote.

“Yesss!!!!! She’s doing so great!!!!! Amazing work!!” one commented.

Lucky Tales gave a piece of advice to those people who are planning to buy dogs from breeders as they told them to do research first.

“There are reputable breeders out there. There are breeders who do their homework,” Morgan said.

Rimar also noted that people should worry about breeders who couldn’t provide any documentation or veterinary care. She also added, “I always say adopt before you shop, even if you want a purebred, there’s a lot of purebred rescues out there that might have what you want or are looking for.”

What are your thoughts about Myskia, the Gremlin-looking dog? What steps can you take to prevent such inhumane inbreeding activities? Make sure to spread the word among your friends and family.

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