Determined Mom Finds Out She’s Pregnant With Quadruplets Shortly After Adopting 4 Children

Have you ever had a dear wish for something you wanted for a long time come true? Well, a couple from Pennsylvania got their heart’s wish after a very long wait — albeit not exactly as they had expected.

A couple in Pennsylvania had one wish: to have many children together. This is a wish many couples in love share; however, for some, it is connected to great hardship and struggles. Not all couples have an easy time conceiving children; in fact, more people than you would think take years of trying until their little bundles of joy finally arrive. The same was true for this pair of lovers. They started with adoption in 2017 in order to fulfill their wish for a family. But they also knew that they wanted biological children somewhere down the line and had a wish for a big family with many children to love and cherish. What they did not anticipate was getting quadruplets.

Maxine Young, married to her husband Jacob Young, already had a big family. As the Youngs had always wanted a big family, they had already adopted four wonderful children and welcomed one biological child into the world before Maxine got pregnant once again.

Maxine’s pregnancy was a surprise for the family, however, it would increase the size of the family massively within a short period. Back in 2020, the couple was parents to adopted children 8-year-old Aiden, 5-year-old Parker, 4-year-old Connor and 3-year-old Elliott, as well as their biological son Henry, who was 23 months old. And in July of that year, they welcomed four new members of the family, bringing their total to nine children altogether!

It was quite a surprise for Maxine and her husband to discover she was pregnant again, People reported. What shocked them even more was that she was carrying quadruplets. Not even in her wildest dreams had she thought she would have quadruplets. Maxine explained: “This wasn’t like what we intended. We didn’t plan to have this large of a family. But it just seems like these babies are meant to be. I can’t imagine not having all four of them now at this point… It was quite a surprise.”

Despite the earlier shock, Maxine was full of joy when she delivered her adorable babies. She was elated and could not hide her joy and excitement, sharing the good news on Instagram. After a 32-week pregnancy, she delivered on July 31, 2020. The four little babies had to spend some time in the Neonatal ICU for close monitoring. They were, however, in stable condition.

Although Maxine and Jacob wanted a big family, they were not ready to suddenly have nine children under their care, they told People. The quadruplets were their biggest surprise, and the job of parenting nine kids would be quite overwhelming. However, the couple took it in stride.

Growing up, Maxine always knew what she wanted when it came to children, as People reported. She already knew she would love to adopt children. She even researched about foster care and the children in need of good homes:

“When I was little, I always wanted to foster and adopt. As I got older, I learned about foster care and the fact that so many kids need homes. When I met Jake, we discussed it and after we got married, that’s when we talked about it (seriously).”
Sharing your passion with your partner fosters great understanding. When Jacob and Maxine first met, she shared her desire to adopt and foster kids. He was supportive and joined her for foster care classes, from which they earned their approval in 2017.

Initially, Maxine and Jacob intended to take two children under their care. However, they were requested to foster three other kids, and Maxine and Jacob agreed to take all three into their care. Shortly afterward, they received startling news, People reported:

“And then not even a month later, we got a call for their baby sister. She was in the NICU. So we picked her up… and went from zero to four in less than a month. It was great (and) definitely chaotic.”

They made applications for adoption months later when the biological parents of the children started skipping scheduled visits.

ArLette Young, Jacob’s mother, created a GoFundMe to try to get financial support for the dedicated parents. The campaign raised over $11,900.

Six months after they had started fostering their four children, they received the wonderful news that Maxine was pregnant. The couple had previously used IVF treatments and knew that Maxine had PCOS, so they were unsure if she would be able to get pregnant naturally. To top it off, it turned out she had naturally conceived quadruplets inside of her!

Maxine documented her experience with her doctor on Instagram:

“She looked at me and said ‘welp, it looks like there are three babies growing in there!’. I started nervously laughing and was in complete shock. I asked her if everything looked normal and if the babies were measuring on track, they were, 6 weeks on the dot.”

Today, the Young family appears to be thriving based on Maxine’s active social media platforms.
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