Double The Surprise As Both Partners Pop The Question At The Happiest Place On Earth

At the iconic backdrop of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland Park in California, two lovers, Javier López Jiménez, 37, and Samuel Bishop Macias, 31, crafted a moment that seemed straight out of a fairy tale. On a sunlit day, the couple unknowingly planned to propose to each other, leading to a serendipitous double proposal that has since captured the hearts of many.

Jiménez, having meticulously planned his proposal in the happiest place on Earth, was ready to ask Macias, his partner of seven years, for his hand in marriage. As he got down on one knee, the atmosphere was thick with anticipation.

However, as he unveiled the ring, Macias’ astonished expression told a story of its own. In a twist that neither saw coming, Macias, too, had a ring in his bag as he was ready to ask Jiménez the very same question.

The moment, which took place on Sept. 25, 2023, was beautifully spontaneous. It was a testament to their deep connection, showcasing that sometimes, love can be so in sync that even life’s most significant moments align perfectly.

The heartwarming scene was captured by Jenny Tuell, a bystander who was quick to recognize the unfolding magic. Her video, which she later shared on TikTok, has since gone viral with over 31.7 million views. It touched the hearts of viewers worldwide.

The couple’s love story began eight years ago in Guadalajara, Mexico, when Macias, a physical therapist, walked into Jiménez’s office seeking a consultation. Jiménez, a physician, acupuncturist, and also a physical therapist, quickly struck a bond with Macias. Their bond deepened over a year of meaningful conversations, leading Macias to bravely ask Jiménez out as their friendship evolved into love.

Their relationship is one of mutual admiration. Macias speaks highly of Jiménez, describing him as a person with a “beautiful soul” and praising his kind-hearted nature. Jiménez, in turn, cherishes Macias’ “big heart” and considers him his best friend, his “Winnie Pooh,” per their interview on Today.

“He is the kindest person, he loves helping others and has a huge heart,” Macias said.

“I always liked his family and who I am with him. I think he is the perfect person for me,” Jiménez reciprocated with loving words.

When January 2023 arrived, Macias bought an engagement ring and then waited for the best moment for the proposal. His visa also arrived, allowing the couple to travel to the U.S. With determination and a hint of amusement, he thought that the right moment had come.

On the other hand, Jiménez bought a ring in May 2023 as he and his partner were planning a trip to Disneyland. Jiménez had happy memories of his visits there as a child, and Macias was excited to go for the first time, knowing how much Jiménez the theme park.

“It was a very important trip for us because we hadn’t been able to leave the country for years, so it was like the first big trip we did together,” Macias said.

Speaking with Fox 26, Macias said he was “very surprised and happy” with the double proposal because this was something they had wanted “for a long time.”

As soon as Tuell saw Jiménez get down on one knee, she instinctively started recording, hoping to share the video with the couple afterward. Both men embraced her, showing their appreciation for her capturing such a pivotal moment in their lives, and the memory of the event kept her smiling for the remainder of the day.

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