Employer Snaps Photo Of Mother Who Brought Newborn With Her To Work

There are so many working moms these days. In the United States, 70% of the moms that work have children under the age of 18. Included in that statistic is Melody Blackwell.

Melody works as a chiropractic assistant in the state of Tennessee. When her daughter, Nora-Jo, was born, she took three months of maternity leave. Nora-Jo is five months old now and Melody has returned to work.

On Mondays, her boss allows her to bring Nora-Jo to work with her. Most of the time Melody is able to work at home but if her coworkers need help she doesn’t hesitate to go in.

Melody tells Love What Matters that Nora-Jo just sits in the front with her while she works away. If she falls asleep, she’ll either hold her or place her in a carrier for her to finish up her nap.This is great for Melody in a couple of ways. It cuts down on the cost of paying for child care and it also grants her to breastfeed at her convince without it being a difficult process.

Melody’s boss, Dr. Elizabeth Baker, speaks highly of her and how she is able to multitask. She has noticed her being able to answer calls, take notes, and hold Nora-Jo without any issues.

This touched Dr. Bakers’ heart so much that she captured a quick photo and made a post on Facebook. She titled her post with “She makes it look easy”. Some moms weren’t so receptive and others loved it. Some were jealous and wished that they had a boss like Dr. Baker too.

Would you be open to having your little one at work with you one day a week? Or, do you think this would cause too much disruption? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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