Everyone Who Knew Her Laughed After Someone Snapped A Photo Of Her As She Fell Inside The Grocery Store

When people take pictures, they often forget to take care of the identity of the people they are photographing. Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson was photographed in a market while falling near the food shelves. Her photo was quickly shared on the Internet and her name was not forgotten.

The photo was taken in 2012, but it is still remembered as a comic meme. This incident happened accidentally while the woman was trying to get food from the market.

She has become a famous meme and in an interview, she calls it her 15 minutes of fame. She became famous from the photo of the incident.

At that time Wilkinson was a woman of little health and was in a wheelchair. She says that she was trying to grab a fruit juice that was on the shelf for her husband. At that moment, he could not stay in a wheelchair.

In addition, the woman talks about the disease she has in her spine. She finds it difficult to move and maintain balance. This is the reason she stays in a wheelchair. Her body is weak and difficult to command.

This has also affected her mental health. At that time she also suffered from chronic depression. She says that at that time, her legs were very weak and she could not stand. However, today she is trying to live a healthy life.

Although she is not weakened yet, she does not give up on the desire to have a healthy body. She said that people started making negative comments about her and her body. According to her, it is not at all right that people laugh at the difficult health condition of other individuals.

And she is very right. She shows that obesity is a disease harmful to health and she is aware of it. But she is working hard to be healthy.

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