“Exclusive”: Boy George Opens Up About Elton John’s Support During His Sobriety Journey

Boy George is saying nice things about Elton John for helping him when he was getting better. Elton John had his own problems with drugs and alcohol, and he reached out to Boy George in the 1980s when George was struggling with heroin.

Elton invited George, who is now 62 years old, to a concert at Wembley Arena in London when he was almost done with his recovery. George says Elton called him and said, “I know you’re clean. Do you want to come out?” Elton was really supportive.

Elton thought George would like to meet Tina Turner because they both were Buddhists. George agreed because he was a big fan of Tina Turner. However, when he met her, she wasn’t nice to him, and he left the dressing room feeling upset.

Looking back, George thinks maybe Tina wasn’t happy because he had just stopped using drugs. That could have been the reason she wasn’t friendly.

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