Father Catches His 1-Hour-Old Twins Chatting Adorably With Each Other

Many babies are born each day. Over 385,000 babies are born each day. However, out of all the babies born, there is a very small chance of having twins. The odds are less than four percent. The percentage of getting pregnant with twins is around 3.2%. It’s no secret that having babies is a transformative experience that changes everything about your life. As new parents, it can be hard to know what to expect just after birth. Birth itself is a miracle, and being able to witness two babies happy together is just as special! So when a pair of newborn twins started having a conversation while in their cot, their parents grabbed the camera, started filming, and shared the adorable moment online on July 10, 2014.

It must’ve been a shock to mom when, just a single hour after being born, her twin girls shared their first conversation together. It seems like something straight out of a movie, right?

In this heartwarming video, the two girls share a sympathetic look and start babbling at each other as if to say: “That was crazy, right? What just happened?” Viewers can’t help but smile and fall in love with the cutest and newest dynamic duo. Not only did the twin girls’ family fall in love, but so did thousands of people on the internet. The twins aren’t just adorable, but they are also one-of-a-kind with their cute communication.

Not surprisingly, this darling thirty-second clip swept the internet by storm, amassing over 30 million views, thousands of comments, likes, and shares. It’s clear the viewers are just as shocked as mom was! The video has become an internet sensation for a good reason. Read on to see how the internet reacted to the cutest conversation to be recorded ever!

Many people are familiar with the unique sounds that babies make when they are extremely young. Before they fully understand words and are able to verbally communicate through words, babies tend to make a string of sounds or a variety of facial expressions or body movements to communicate their needs with others. According to The Early Learning Institute, there are many benefits to this type of “non-verbal” communication. Some of these include a reduction in frustration for the child, development of a parental bond, and an increase in literacy, academic performance and social skills.

Around the time babies are 6 or 7 months old, they are better able to understand how to use their non-verbal communication skills in a new way. The Early Learning Institute explained that this is about the age when babies wave to say hello or goodbye. Around 8 to 12 months of age, babies typically can understand the sign enough that they can wave all on their own!

However, it seemed like the newborn twins in an adorable video were way ahead of their time when it came to communicating. While many twins have a special bond with one another, it’s clear that that closeness stems from a very, very early age.

According to Science.org, fetuses can listen to speech within the womb, but the sound-processing parts of their brain are not fully active until the last trimester of pregnancy. Eino Partanen, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Helsinki, explained, “You can hear the rhythm of speech, rhythm of music, and so on.”

In a popular video, a set of twins appeared to already be having full-on conversations with each other just one hour after being born!

The amazing video has become a fan favorite all around the world. The short but sweet 20-second video on Youtube and video platform Rumble has over 100,000 likes and impressions. The popular video between both platforms has well over 33 million views total. The amount of views and impressions goes to show how many people fell in love with the twins as well as their sweet sisterhood. Many people had fabulous things to say about the dynamic duo.

One viewer shared a funny insight: “yeah, that’s baby language xD” Another person commented, “Ooohhh! They are so cute” We can all agree this moment is adorable and goes to show the special bond that twins have from the first second on! The video was also posted on Rumble, where it has over 30 million views and counting.

One user wrote, “Sweet talk :)” Other internet users were blown away by the sweet and cute video. Another internet user wrote, “aww that so cute💕💕.” All in all, not only did the twin girls’ parents love seeing the unique chit-chat between their daughters but so did the world wide web. Usually, young children don’t start communicating until much later, but these twin girls are ahead of their time. Although we can’t understand what the two infant girls are saying to one another, we can tell that they are already best friends. We hope that we can continue to see their sisterhood and friendship evolve as they get older. We look forward to seeing what the young girls’ future holds!

What would you do if your newborns started communicating? Do you believe these little girls are actually talking to each other? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to pass this article along to your loved ones!

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