Father Recorded Himself Dancing With His Daughter From Her First Days Up To Her Marriage

Daddy’s little girl took on a new meaning in this sweet video montage.

Everyone knows that getting married is one of life’s biggest milestones. This is the day that you pledge your forever love to your soulmate and join two families together in matrimony. Regardless of the scope of the wedding ceremony, it is important to commemorate the occasion with a meaningful dance.

One dad knew the significance of this day for his little girl since the moment she was born. Throughout her life, the father made it a point to dance with his daughter. From her infant days through the toddler years and then well into childhood and into the teenage years, the father took the time to spin his little girl around the dance floor.

We are sure that this little girl found great comfort in her father’s arms throughout the years. You can just see the love in his eyes as he dances with his precious one as she grows up.

You will fall in love with this daddy and daughter dance duo as you watch them strut their stuff throughout the years. You can imagine how special her actual wedding day was when they got to take to the dance floor together after all of that time practicing. It is a good thing that they saved their most important dance for last.

After you have seen this adorable video, be sure to spread it to everyone else that you know. Hats off to this doting dad for thinking ahead and filming all of these special dances.

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