FedEx Driver Robbed During Delivery Shoots Back And Kills Robber

A FedEx driver in Philadelphia faced an armed robber while making a delivery. The robber shot the driver, but the driver, licensed to carry a firearm, fired back, killing the robber. The incident occurred on Unruh Avenue, with the 32-year-old driver losing his wallet and keys before being shot. Although wounded, he’s expected to recover.

Authorities are investigating whether the driver acted in self-defense. They’re also looking into a potential accomplice who may have driven the robber from the scene. The evidence will be presented to a grand jury to determine if charges should be filed. The driver had a legally registered 9mm handgun and a permit to carry it.

“Based on the preliminary story that was relayed, it appears to be self-defense: he was shot first. He fired back,” said Acting Police Commissioner Christine Coulter.

This incident wasn’t random, and there’s no connection to other crimes in the area. It underscores the importance of personal safety in risky situations, even for delivery workers.

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