Girl Can’t Afford Prom Dress So Her Date Teaches Himself How To Make It From Scratch

Prom is one of the most exciting events of a student’s time in high school. From the fancy dresses to the lighting, the dancing to the feeling of love in the air, the prom can feel just like stepping into a fairy tale! However, for Addi Rust the future fairy tale was starting to feel more like a nightmare. With prom only months away, the Indiana student still didn’t have a dress and didn’t know what she was going to do about it. That’s when her prom date stepped in to save the day!

Addi had found a dress that she loved but, on a fixed income, the possibility of purchasing it seemed very unlikely. Instead of getting irritable about her situation, Addi continued to have a good attitude and even joked with her date, Parker Smith, that he should just sew her dress for her and save her the trouble of dress shopping, as reported here by the Toronto Sun.

While Addi had just been joking, Parker began to seriously consider her suggestion. A high school junior, Parker had zero sewing skills or even know-how, but he wanted to make sure that his date had everything she wanted for her special night.

Parker enlisted the help of his grandmother to teach him how to sew. For months, this devoted boy spent his spare time working on the gown that would be just what Addi wanted. He continued to make adjustments and remake parts of it when he made mistakes.

The night of prom, Parker was still working on the dress. Although time was tight, he wanted to make sure that the girl that he liked so much had a dress that would make her happy and have all the right finishing touches.

Addi knew that Parker was sewing her a dress and had an idea of what it looked like, but was completely stunned when she finally saw the finished product. She was speechless at what could only be considered a Cinderella-style gown, and we can all understand why!

Watch the video so that you can see Parker’s skills for yourself and appreciate all that he did to make his date happy. What do you think of the dress that Parker designed? Leave your thoughts below, and then invite your friends to read about this story as well!

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