He Became Unrecognizable At 70. He Only Gets Around In A Wheelchair

It appears that the world famous artist has been ruined by sickness and if we didn’t reveal his identity you wouldn’t even recognize him.

He is not able to walk without cane and he must use a wheelchair whenever he goes somewhere.

The scandal with his ex-wife has also taken a tool on his health. For those who know Phil Collins, KNOW that he’s unique artist, one of a kind.

Orianne Cevey, his ex-wife, was involved in an affair with another man. Phil Collins, now in his 70s, appears to be ravaged by illness, and the conflict with his ex-wife made him suffer more…

According to the Daily Mail, Phil Collins had multiple procedures done on his spine, and has been suffering poor health conditions for quite some time now. As a result, he is not able to sit in an upright position. He is barely recongnized by his fans.

Phil Collins and his ex-wife got divorced in 2008, but eight years later got married again. All of that came crushing down when rumors began that Orianne, his ex-wife, had secretly married another guy in Las Vegas.

She told Phil that she had to go on a business trip to Vegas, but allegedly had a secret affair. After he found the truth, he kicked her out of their $40 million mansion and changed all the access codes.

Orianne threatened to embarrass him publicly about their married life, but the artist didn’t give in to her threats, and the two has been criticizing one another ever since.

The musician has been dealing with a lot of health issues in the recent years. In 2018, he had an accident on stage while performing, which forced him to call off his tour.

Now, he is unable to walk without a cane and has to travel with wheelchair.

When Orianne was 21 years old, they met with Phil in Switzerland in 1994.

They got married 5 years later in 1999, and nine years after that got divorced, but in 2015, Collins paid for her spinal surgery, which resulted in her survival.

The following year they got together until a year ago when the scandal began.

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