Homeless man sits at street piano – blows people away with his talent and earns second chance in life

One of the most beautiful aspects of life is that we’re all unique in our own way. We’re all doing our best to navigate the chaos with more or less the same tools, and yet we never quite know where our path will lead, the twists and turns it might take.

Which is predominantly why not judging someone based on their looks or appearance remains vitally important to this day. Simply put, you never know what a stranger has gone through – or is going through – nor are you clued in on the exact circumstances that have led them to where they are now.

The case of Donald Gould is a perfect example of this, and a story that’s inspiring enough to have come straight from a Hollywood script…

You may recognize Daniel’s face, since his story first went viral some eight years ago.

According to reports, he rose to public attention after Mashable posted a video of him playing the piano on the streets of Florida back in 2015.

Despite his unwashed appearance, long, shaggy beard and skeletal frame, Daniel was hiding a talent that was impossible to ignore.

His life story had been a rather tragic one, you see, culminating in him turning to drugs and, ultimately, ending up on the streets.

Daniel reportedly studied music theory at Spring Arbor University. In 1998, however, the former Marine lost his wife and custody of his son. His downward spiral was complete when he developed a drug addiction, and the bleak prospects of his future left little room for hope.

Yet through all his trials and tribulations – of which there were surely many – Daniel never lost his musical ability.

Then, one day, he was filmed playing a piano in the street. The homeless ex-Marine practically tore through a cover of Styx’s 1977 hit Come Sail Away, stunning passersby.

The tune is rather complex, and Daniel’s obvious skill on the piano was perfectly juxtaposed by his disheveled appearance.

Even so, there can be no denying the gift he has. Indeed, the clip of Daniel’s impromptu performance racked up a staggering 45 million views on YouTube, and proved to be his saving grace.

As per reports, a GoFundMe page was set up in Daniel’s name, quickly amassing $40,000 in donations. Daniel was thereafter able to attend rehabilitation and get his life back on track!

Watch Daniel’s performance and transformation in the videos below:

Wow! Daniel’s story is almost enough to bring tears to my eyes! What an inspirational figure.

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