Homeless Woman Says She’s “Too Hot” To Pay Rent

Emily Webb, a 25-year-old Australian social media star, has revealed the reasons behind her current homelessness despite earning substantial income through her successful OnlyFans account with over 100,000 followers. Webb, based on the Gold Coast, has been unable to secure a rental property due to the nationwide housing crisis. Despite offering to pay rent six to twelve months in advance and being willing to pay around $1000 a week, her efforts have been unsuccessful.

Currently, Webb is living out of her car, couchsurfing with friends, or staying with men she dates. She expressed her frustration, saying, “I’ve offered to pay rent six and 12 months in advance and still had no luck.” Webb has adapted to her situation and is surprisingly comfortable with her unconventional living arrangements.

On Instagram, Webb shared her thoughts, saying, “I can’t believe I’ve been wasting my money on rent all this time. Life hack: If you’re hot, don’t ever pay rent.” She provided an update while driving her car, explaining she had just left a boyfriend’s place because he had things to do. Webb mentioned that dating apps, like Hinge, are becoming less effective for her as people are rude about her homelessness.

To find a new place to stay, Webb does her makeup and hair and goes on “hot girl walks” at Burleigh to attract potential dates. She humorously stated her plan: “I’m going to go ask every hot guy for their number and then see if I can find a place to sleep tonight. Otherwise, I’m sleeping in my car. Which is fine, this is comfy as f**k. Not complaining at all.”

Despite the challenges, Webb remains optimistic and continues using her “pretty privilege” to avoid paying rent. She typically stays with friends four times a week and goes on dates about three times a week. Webb is hopeful that she will find a stable place soon and is waiting to hear back on a few rental applications.

Webb’s situation highlights the difficulties many face due to the housing crisis, regardless of their financial success. Her resourcefulness and adaptability have allowed her to navigate these challenges creatively, albeit unconventionally.

Her story has garnered attention and sparked discussions about the housing market and the lengths to which people must go to secure a home. Webb’s unique approach to her situation underscores the broader issues at play and the need for solutions to the housing crisis affecting many individuals across the country.

As she continues to search for a permanent residence, Webb remains active on social media, sharing her journey and experiences with her followers. Her transparency and candidness provide a glimpse into the realities of homelessness and the impact of the housing crisis on even those who appear to be thriving online.

Through her story, Webb brings attention to the pressing need for affordable housing and the importance of addressing the root causes of homelessness, ensuring that everyone has access to safe and stable living conditions.

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