How Dolly Parton would look in her 70s if she never underwent plastic surgery: Photos via AI

Amazing! Three more incredible photos of our beloved Dolly Parton without plastic surgery are in the comments.

An iconic singer and a blonde bombshell, Dolly Parton truly is unmatched.

This country music legend who is a songwriter, businesswoman, and humanitarian among the rest, has given the world of country music a lot over the years. Not only she is under the spotlight for decades because of her songs and vocal, but she’s also widely known as someone with a heart of gold who has always spoken openly about everything in her life.

Born on January 19, 1946, in Locust Ridge, Tennessee, as one of 12 children, Dolly Parton‘s family struggled to make ends meet at times, but they were very close and the children grew up in a loving home where music was always present.

“Music was such a large part of our whole family,” Parton recalled. “All of my mama’s people were musical. They all played some musical instrument. Of course, I took my music real serious, and I was always plucking along on somebody’s instrument — whatever they would leave lying around or whenever my family would come. But I always loved the guitar.”

Parton, although being someone who emphasize the importance of aging gracefully, has undergone several cosmetic procedures over the years.

Asked why she opted to go under the knife, she simply answers, “Because I need it.” According to her, despite the plastic surgeries, she’s a person who is “real where it counts.”

“I am not a natural beauty,” she once shared with Chicago Tribune, but added that she had never gone to extremes. “I just do little bits and pieces, just to try and keep things touched up, just tweaking,” the singer added back in the day.

Speaking to Larry King, she said she underwent a facelift, breast implants, liposuction, eye surgery, excess skin removal, lip injections, and botox, among other procedures.

“I don’t want to lie about it, so I’ve got to — I think sometimes it might help. You know, it’s not like — I mean, I look so totally artificial, you know, but I hopefully am totally real,” Parton said.

“I try to pick the best doctor, and I don’t do it that often,” she added about her plastic surgery.

“I just — I actually do it in little bits and pieces, because I don’t want to do a whole big drastic thing. I’ve never had, like, just the whole big thing done, because I don’t want to look like, you know, tighter than a banjo head.”

She always has her hair done and her makeup on because she loves looking beautiful all the time.

Had she not undergone any plastic procedures, this beauty would have certainly looked different and in today’s world, when the advance of technology is immense, AI shows us what Parton would have actually looked like if she had aged totally natural.

1977: When she was in her 30s, Parton was stunningly beautiful. Her face, and her dimples, shined with confidence.

1981: The photo below shows Parton in all her glory. Her infectious smile, full lips, and radiant skin are yet another proof why she stole millions of hearts.

1987: In her 40s, Parton’s face didn’t show any sign of any form of cosmetic surgeries. On the contrary, every feature of her face sparked confidence and a timeless allure.

1993: Reaching her late 40s, Parton kept her authenticity, but it was probably the time when she slightly enhanced her beauty with the help of cosmetic procedures.

2000: During her 50s, it was evident that the Jolene singer altered her lips and cheeks. However, it was again a slight change which didn’t leave her unrecognizable, just beautified, although many would agree that she didn’t even need the procedures at the time because she looked stunning the way she was.

2003: This year marked a period in Parton’s life in which she relied on cosmetic procedures in a way that she still retained her youthful radiance yet there were still features on her face that showed a glimpse of aging.

2009: In her 60s, Parton’s face almost transformed. She used makeup to ‘hide’ her wrinkles, but she still sparked vitality.

2016: At this point, Parton’s gorgeous face shows signs of aging as well as signs of plastic surgery. The wrinkles are gone and the skin on her face is smooth. Many agree that she had also undergone eyes and nose surgery that enhanced her looks even further.

2019: Who would have thought that this woman is in her 70s on this photo?

2023: Honestly, nowadays Parton doesn’t look a day older than 50 and defies age. She does embraces her age and her looks, but not without little help from the plastic surgeons who allow her to dress like she’s in her 20s.

So, what would Parton look like without any procedures?

She would still have that unique charm that make us fall for her, but with a wrinkle or two on her forehead and her cheeks.

AI created images of Parton in all her natural grace and her natural glow that certainly doesn’t come from cosmetic surgery but from acceptance and self-confidence.

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