How Many Squares do you See?

Have you ever come across a puzzle that made you scratch your head? Well, here’s one for you! Take a look at the image below and try to count the number of squares you see.

To help us count the squares, we used a nifty tool called Doceri. It allowed us to visually keep track of the squares as we counted them. Pretty cool, right?

Now, it’s your turn! Take a moment to examine the image and see how many squares you can spot. Don’t worry if it takes you a few tries – puzzles like these can be quite tricky. And remember, it’s okay to have a different answer from others. That’s the beauty of puzzles!

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not record a video response and share your answer with us? We’d love to see your thought process and how you tackled this challenging puzzle. So go ahead and show off your puzzle-solving skills!

Let’s see who can crack this square puzzle! Good luck!

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