Huge tattoo and dyed hair! Photos of changed Jennifer Lopez appeared online, which disappointed fans

Jennifer Lopez has undergone a transformation that no one imagined or expected It’s hard to recognize her at all, be convinced here

She hasn’t disappointed fans to such an extent yet!

When new photos appeared on the Internet, Lopez’s fans were amazed. The 53-year-old celebrity appeared in public with a completely new look. She had a large tattoo on her shoulder similar to that of her partner Ben Affleck in the same place.

In these recent paparazzi photos, the singer’s hair is much darker than usual. The strange tattoo and hair were fortunately changed for the new role in the film. But, of course, these changes can say that they even suit her.

The photos were taken on the set and after learning that the tattoo was fake, fans could breathe easy, and the hair color was temporary. The fact that the tattoo is permanent is also unlikely.

In a 2016 interview, Jennifer publicly stated that she does not like large, bright tattoos on her body. The film is called «Unstoppable», but what role Jennifer Lopez will play in the film is still unknown.

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