I had a Janet Jackson moment at my wedding and accidentally flashed 100 people

“Sometimes you gotta just say f**k it and roll with the punches….or nip slips,” Alyssa says in the video.

Alyssa and her partner had been waiting for their wedding for months, and the moment was finally here.

The happy couple just got married and were ready to perform their first dance.

Standing before their closest friends and family, the pair stood in the middle of the dancefloor, ready to perform the dance they’d been practising for weeks.

Little did she know she’d be recreating one of the most iconic pop culture moments ever.

Bride’s wedding dress snaps halfway through first dance
The newly married couple held hands and swayed together on the dance floor before her husband lifted his hand to spin Alyssa around.

But as she lifted her arm, the strap of her dress snapped off.

She didn’t realise this until it was too late, and her dress slipped down, briefly exposing her breast and bare nipple to the entire crowd.

“POV: It’s your wedding day, and you had a wardrobe malfunction during the first dance, but you just laugh it off and keep going, knowing for a fact 100 people saw your nipple,” she captioned the hilarious video.

She and her husband couldn’t help but laugh as they realised what happened, so he spun her sound and held her close as she composed herself.

“Your dress is too excited for the wedding night”
The wardrobe malfunction wasn’t going to stop the happy couple from finishing their first dance together, so she held her dress close to her chest as they finished the choreography.

“I had my Janet Jackson moment, and I’m not mad about it,” she added with a laugh, referencing the controversial 2004 Superbowl half-time performance featuring Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, who infamously tore off the popstar’s costume and exposed her left breast and nipple shield.

The clip has since gone viral online, with fans praising Alyssa’s quick thinking and positive attitude.

“Love that you just kept going,” read a comment. “You look beautiful.”

“Sometimes you gotta just say f**k it and roll with the punches….or nip slips,” Alyssa laughed in response.

“Your dress is too excited for the wedding night,” joked another. “Honestly!” she responded, unable to contain her laughter.

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