“I love everything about her”: Little girl welcomes her newborn sibling with tender affection

The arrival of a baby brings joy to the entire family

Everyone eagerly anticipates meeting the newest addition to the world, especially the eldest child, who will become their lifelong companion.

Tiffany, a young girl, welcomes her newborn cousin, Marly Rose. As she holds the tiny bundle in her arms for the first time, she is overwhelmed with emotion. Tears well up in her eyes as she cherishes the closeness she feels with Marly, and all she can express about her is, “I love everything about her.”

Bree Miller, from California, is Tiffany’s mother, who brought her daughter to introduce her to the rest of the family and capture the moment on video. However, she never expected Tiffany to have such an emotional reaction.

Tiffany cradles Marly closely, protecting her while the little girl peacefully sleeps in her older cousin’s arms. The natural way Tiffany cares for her cousin indicates that the bond between these two cousins will be very special.

Sharing this memorable moment on her Instagram account, @chefbreemiller, Bree Miller writes, “You may tear up… This is what happens when you meet your new baby cousin for the first time, and your emotions get the best of you!”

It is beautiful to witness such love expressed by a young child. Undoubtedly, these two will become the best of friends!

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