If You’ve Noticed A Blue Line Painted On The Street, Here’s What It Means

The significance of observing road markings is well-known to drivers.

It can be fatal to ignore these markings because doing so is extremely dangerous.

In the upcoming weeks, residents in certain parts of the United States might notice the addition of a new road marking: a thin blue line that sits in the middle of the two yellow center lines.

It turns out that Marylanders are honoring the brave police officers who serve their communities by having this blue line painted on their roads!

Since the line goes straight to the police station, this is also a safety precaution.

Nonetheless, it is also a kind gesture to acknowledge the sacrifices made by police officers who risk their lives on a daily basis.

Mayor Rick Sheehan is happy that Ocean City, Maryland, has recently added these blue lines to its roads because he understands how important these police officers are to his beautiful beach community.

It is the responsibility of these officers to maintain harmony between the boisterous teenagers who frequent the place for parties and the elderly retirees who reside there.

The line, which leads directly to the Ocean City Police Department headquarters, has been installed between the yellow road divider lines that currently divide 65th Street in Ocean City.

We can only hope that more communities across the country take notice of this and decide to have blue lines be painted in their towns!

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