‘I’m Leaving Y’all’: Whoopi Goldberg Walks Off ‘The View’

After singer Miranda Lambert interrupted one of her recent concerts to scold music fans for taking photographs during the show, Whoopi Goldberg shocked viewers of ‘The View’ when the co-host walked off the stage during a live program this week.

Even though many detractors had hoped otherwise, Whoopi Goldberg was only joking as she went offstage.

Videos of Whoopi Goldberg’s departure from ‘The View’ went viral as the co-hosts debated the subject with Miranda Lambert, and the whole thing left many detractors hoping for a nuanced moment or two.

Background: Miranda Lambert was at the center of the issue after she halted her performance to shout at several fans who wanted to take selfies during the show.

Those Miranda Lambert concert tickets surely weren’t cheap, and concertgoers frequently take images to post online or retain as mementos.

The co-hosts of ‘The View’ discussed whether Miranda Lambert should have paused the performance to yell at the audience, whether or not concertgoers should take pictures, and so on.

Whoopi stood up and walked toward the audience as a jumble of conflicting viewpoints prompted her to announce, “I’m leaving y’all.”

When discussing Miranda Lambert’s contentious position, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin attempted to appeal to all sides of the argument.

Griffin argued that Lambert shouldn’t shame fans who paid money to watch her perform, especially if they’re just snapping pictures and aren’t disrupting the show.

This is where Whoopi Goldberg chimes in, stating the fans are impolite for taking pictures. Whoopi remarked, “They paid money for the tickets, they came to see her, so she’s singing. [Give] at least a little respect … acknowledge that you can see her [and] she can see you too.”

The audience members who Miranda Lambert yelled at for taking a picture were, as another host, Sara Haines, pointed out, very close to the stage. However, was it necessary for the famous singer to yell at them, halt the performance, and cause a scene?

That’s debatable, and in an article about Whoopi Goldberg’s walk-off, Page Six’s reporter hinted that Miranda Lambert is wrong.

Page Six cited an article by Sunny Hostin in which she discussed the cost of VIP tickets to the show where Miranda Lambert was criticized for her selfie antics.

“The expensive tickets in the VIP section that they were in are $757. I’m gonna take as many selfies as I want if I paid $757, I’m sorry, just me.”

That seems excessive, but in defense of the selfie-takers, if I spent that much on a performance, you can guarantee I took a few pictures.

For that cost, I could snap as many pictures as I wanted without worrying about getting in trouble with Miranda Lambert.

I agree with the “I paid for this and I want a photo or two of it” sentiment, though I wouldn’t take endless selfies during a party.

Enjoy the show, be present in the moment, and snap some shots at just the appropriate time.

There’s a happy medium where fans can get the most out of the show and the performer doesn’t have to worry about being publically embarrassed.

Now things start to improve. Whoopi Goldberg gets on Sunny Hostin’s nerves when she says that selfie-taking is rude and that people should “stay home” if they can’t stop doing it.

Whoopi Goldberg, after suggesting that fans should focus on the artist and Sunny Hostin beginning to defend her stance in the Miranda Lambert argument, stood up, walked towards the live audience, and took a photo with someone in the crowd in an attempt to establish her point. But did it do anything? That’s totally up for grabs.

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