“I’m Prepared to Go Anytime”: Roger Daltrey of The Who Opens Up About Embracing the Inevitable

The lead singer of The Who, Roger Daltrey, who is 79 years old, recently talked about being okay with his life coming to an end. In an interview with The Times, he mentioned thinking about death and his legacy, especially after dealing with viral meningitis in 2015. Daltrey said he’s prepared for whatever comes next, mentioning that his dreams have already come true, and he’s ready to go at any time. He acknowledged the reality of life and aging, saying people his age are “in the way” and comparing himself to an old instrument with no guitar strings to be changed.

Daltrey also mentioned TV presenter Esther Rantzen, who has stage 4 lung cancer, and her bravery in discussing assisted dying. He admitted that he’s considered the idea himself, especially if he became a burden on others. He cited the example of a friend with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, expressing that he wouldn’t choose chemotherapy in such a situation.

In a previous interview in 2021, Daltrey talked about his experience of feeling wrapped in a cotton ball and not being afraid of death after being seriously ill. He sees the next part as an adventure.

Regarding The Who’s music, Daltrey mentioned in March that he and bandmate Pete Townshend are likely done recording new albums. He questioned the point of releasing records, stating that their last album in 2019 didn’t generate much interest despite being well-received. Daltrey believes that fans are most passionate about their earlier recordings, and when they tour, they focus on playing the old music that people want to hear. He noted that their fan base ranges from 8 to 80 years old, with an increasing number of younger people in the audience.

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