Jimmy Asks Celine For Michael Jackson Impression But Has To Stop The Show When She Starts To Dance

Although she is from Canada, Celine Dion is a well-known singer who is loved around the world. To date, her albums have topped records with more than 200 million copies sold to her avid fans. Celine is known for being not only an exceptional singer but also a sharp-witted woman who has a mind for success.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, this popular star had the opportunity to relax and reveal her fun-loving side. The result was a night of hilarious impersonations and an audience who loved the show!

Jimmy Fallon uses a game called “Wheel of Musical Impressions” to put artists into strange situations as they are supposed to copy the songs and singing abilities of other performers. While this usually provides a good laugh as opera singers try to jam down to rap tunes, Celine Dion rocked the game and blew the audience away!

Celine’s first impersonation attempt was to perform as Cher with the song “Frere Jacques”. While the song is nothing more than a well-loved nursery rhyme, Celine took the challenge like a true sport. Since Cher is one of her dear friends, she was able to impersonate her with ease and did a great job with the song.

Next, it was Jimmy Fallon’s turn to impersonate a famous artist. He landed Michael Jackson with the song “One Dance”. Surprisingly enough, Jimmy was excellent at his role-play as well. At the end of the song, Celine and Jimmy joined together to do a duet in memory of the beloved King of Pop.

Celine wasn’t ready to end there. Her second impersonation was Rihanna singing “Row, Row Your Boat”. While this seemed like it might be somewhat challenging, once the music started, Celine was ready to get down and even added some dance moves to the song, giving the lyrics a new twist by singing them to a popular Rihanna tune.

The last impersonation proved the funniest with Celine singing “Hush, Little Baby” as Sia. Rather than just imitate the singer, Celine chose to employ a stuffed toy to use as a wig. Although the performance was hilarious, Celine still made it a success by hitting the high notes and never missing a beat.

Watch the clip below to see Celine doing her best at impersonations.

Which one of her impersonations do you find the funniest? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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