Jolie was better For the first time after the divorce from Jolie, Brad Pitt got into a serious relationship

Pitt officially introduced his girlfriend and scared Jolie’s fans!

Netizens were speechless to see the girl the Hollywood actor fell in love with whose photos you can see in this article!

The scandalous photos of the iconic Hollywood actor with a much younger girl caused a furor on media. The fact that Pitt’s new partner became a girl 27 years younger than him immediately became the subject of discussions.

It is worth mentioning that it is the first relationship that the Hollywood actor got into after his scandalous divorce from Jolie.

According to some sources, the couple has been together for already a year and even thinks of getting married.

And he left Jolie for her? Am I the only one who actually likes this couple? Most importantly, he is happy in this relationship! What a harmonious couple.

I like Jolie much more. What did he find in her I wonder? She doesn’t deserve to be Pitt’s girlfriend!

It will be interesting to know your opinion as well!

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