Justin Timberlake Can’t Get Enough Of Father-Daughter Duo Performing To His Music

One father from South Carolina spends quality time with his daughter in the most adorable way. Josh Rinder regularly posts videos of the choreographed dance routines he performs with his young daughter, Audrey Rinder. The father-daughter duo has amassed an enormous YouTube following, but they were still shocked when Justin Timberlake shared one of their videos on Twitter.

Like any new parent, Josh Rinder spent the first few months of his daughter’s life capturing her milestones on film. His YouTube channel features videos of Audrey’s first smile, her first laugh, and even her first cough.

When Josh wasn’t posting videos of his daughter, he was sharing footage of his band. Music is one of Josh’s passions, so it was no surprise that little Audrey started to dance before she learned to walk.

After filming some of Audrey’s early dance moves, Josh came up with an idea to bond with his daughter: choreographed daddy/daughter dances. Josh and Audrey have danced to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” Ed Sheeran’s “Barcelona” and “Sucker” by The Jonas Brothers.

In 2016, when Audrey was just six years old, she was obsessed with the movie Trolls. So, Audrey and Josh came up with a dance routine for one of the songs featured in the movie: Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop This Feeling.”

When Josh and Audrey Rinder make a dance video, they take it seriously. The video starts with Josh wearing bright pink pants to match his daughter’s dress. They clap their hands and shake their hips before the real fun starts. They even do The Dab, a dance move popularized by Cam Newton, the former Quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. It’s not easy to choreograph a dance, but these two make it look effortless. They are obviously having a great time and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Twitter users fell in love with the video, calling it “the cutest thing they’ve ever watched.” It’s not unusual for one of Josh and Audrey’s videos to go viral, but they were not expecting Justin Timberlake to weigh in. Timberlake retweeted the video saying it was “the cutest damn thing EVER.” The video has since been viewed more than 14 million times. Not bad for a daddy-daughter duo from a small town in North Carolina.

Today, Audrey Rinder is ten years old, but she hasn’t stopped dancing with her dad. They recently shared a video of the pair enjoying a Capri Sun while dancing along to “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown.

If you haven’t already watched the father-daughter duo dancing to Timberlake’s music, you can watch the viral video below:

Do you agree with Justin Timberlake? Is this the cutest video ever? Don’t forget to tag your favorite daddy/daughter duo. They might end up creating a viral dance video of their own one day.

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