Kelly Clarkson spanks her kids when they misbehave

Kelly Clarkson has shared that she teaches her kids right from wrong. In an interview, the mom of two mentioned that she’ll use spanking if they misbehave. She says it’s a common practice in her home state of Louisiana where she lives.

Clarkson, hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, is a mother of two kids, River Rose (5) and Remy (3), along with two stepchildren from her first marriage to Brandon Blackstock. When asked about her approach to discipline, she mentioned, “I’m not above a spanking,” clarifying that it’s not a severe beating but just a swat on the behind.

She attributes her parenting style to her upbringing, noting that her parents spanked her, and she turned out well. Clarkson expresses contentment with herself and shares that she always gives a warning before taking any disciplinary action.

As a Voice coach from the South, where spanking is common, she acknowledges the challenge of doing so in public due to potential judgment from those who disagree with her approach.

There has been an ongoing debate regarding the effectiveness of spanking as a disciplinary method. Opinions are divided, with some considering it safe and others deeming it as potentially dangerous.

It’s worth noting that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not endorse spanking or any form of “corporal punishment” as a suitable means of disciplining children.

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