Little Girl Says A Stranger Has Been Speaking To Her Every Morning Before School So Mom Hunts Him Down

When you have a child, you instantly become wary of strangers. If your daughter tells you that she liked to talk to a strange man each morning, you would probably call the police. In one heartwarming story, one mother discovered that the stranger was actually a United States Navy veteran.

A strange request

It all started on a school morning that seemed fairly normal. As Audrey’s mother, Gina, drove her to middle school, Audrey actually wanted to be dropped off on the corner. Audrey was upset that she forgot to ask and wanted her mother to drive back to the corner.

Gina was surprised by the request. She normally dropped her daughter off at the middle school’s entrance so that she would not have to walk. When she asked her daughter what was going on, Audrey said that she wanted to talk to the cute, old man who was at the corner.

Gina could not believe what her daughter was saying. After years of teaching her daughter about the danger of strangers, she was surprised that her daughter would talk to a random person. She needed to see who this old man was before she let her daughter talk to him again.

The big reveal

It turns out that the man was a sweet, kind veteran. His name was Wally Richardson, and he had just turned 94 years old. To the students at California’s Marina Village Middle School, Wally was known as Mr. Knuckles.

Curious, Gina talked to Wally and her daughter to find out more about his story. Apparently, Wally was at the middle school each morning. He woke up in the morning, ate breakfast and then walked to the school. As the children arrived, he would smile and greet them. If they seemed depressed or sad, he would tell the children an inspirational message.

Apparently, Wally’s goal was to bring more kindness to the world. For the last 10 years, he has appeared outside of the school in rainy and sunny weather. When he first started his daily ritual, his wife joined him in the morning. Recently, she stopped going to school because she could not move or walk as well.

All of the students said that Wally was the best part of their school day. As you can see in the video, a greeting from Mr. Knuckles is definitely worth looking forward to. No matter how challenging the day is about to be, these students get to start it with a smile and a word of encouragement.

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