Little Girl Was Born Without A Nose But Continues To Live Her Normal Life After Having Nose Granting Surgery

Most people were born with a normal face as the different parts of it are being used in a variety of senses like sight, smell, taste, and more to survive on a daily basis, but could you imagine not having a nose?

This is what a young girl named Tessa Evans has experienced since the moment she was born. According to, the sweet girl was born with Bosma Arhinia Microphthalmia Syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder, and one of its features is the complete absence of the nose.

Tessa is among the fewer than a hundred people worldwide diagnosed with this condition. In 2017, her mother, Grianne, shared their journey in a piece for the Irish Independent.

“When she came out, I knew there was something wrong. I said ‘baby’s not okay’ and when the midwife saw her face, they started hitting all the buttons and shouting for people up the corridor,” she wrote.

Having a nose is important, not only for breathing but also for other necessary things, as the sense of smell would help people determine whether danger is around or food is safe. However, in Tessa’s case, she couldn’t smell anything.

“She can’t smell if something is dangerous, if something was burning or if food is very rotten,” Grianne told the BBC.

Despite her inability to smell, Tessa leads a normal life, even sneezing and catching colds like anyone else. However, due to breathing problems, she had a trachea tube inserted as a baby.

“It was funny the very first time she sneezed but we actually found out that it actually comes from your chest,” Tessa’s mom added.

According to an article published by the Daily Mail in June 2015, when Tessa was only two years old, she underwent a procedure to have a mold inserted into her face to slowly build a nose so when she got older, she would receive a final prosthesis.

At the time, her parents, Grainne Evans and Nathan Evans, decided to begin the procedure early on in her life so she wouldn’t undergo invasive surgery in the future.

Since then, the BBC reported that the young girl’s face had changed dramatically as there was already a partially formed nose in her face. A medical tattoo artist will later place nostrils and nose contours to make the missing facial part even more realistic.

However, when she was four years old, Grianne said in an interview with Truly’s “Born Different” in 2021 that the implant had to be removed completely because of some infections.

Even though her family thought she was beautiful even without a nose, Tessa was still hoping to get the procedure done again in the future.

At the time of the interview, the family consulted with a doctor who could potentially help her have a 3D-printed nose implant again.

“I am excited to get a new nose, and hope it’s not scary,” Tessa said. The young girl, who is very lively and plays like any other normal kid, said the first thing she’ll do upon getting her nose is to put her glasses on.

As of 2023, Tessa’s Instagram account continues to be active, and she is a jolly 10-year-old girl based on her posts.

She continues to share her medical journey and enjoys growing up in a loving family.

What do you think of the little girl who was born without a nose? Were you inspired by her bravery? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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