Lonely Bear Was Captured Alone In A Rusty Cage For 30 Years But Look At Her When She Is Finally Freed

No animal should be forced to perform tricks against their will for the amusement of humans. This is a sinister practice that has been happening for hundreds of years. Even in the past, humans found a way to manipulate animals in order to make a living. This sparked the creation of circuses and amusement parks.

Humans forced all kinds of animals to perform humiliating and dangerous tricks for nothing in return. The owners of the show would profit while the animals only received accommodation in the form of a cage and payment in the form of malnutrition.

Fortunately, there seems to be a shift in the times. Many popular circuses have closed and aquariums are more ethical when it comes to their sourcing of marine life. For example, Sea World has sworn not to breed killer whales in captivity anymore.

Although there is still much room for improvement, it is nice to see that some major changes are occurring. This change is owed to the animals who have been manipulated now and in the past.

Fifi is one such animal who was kept in captivity for over 30 years for the enjoyment of other people.

Fifi is a beautiful bear who spent three decades behind bars. She was forced to perform confusing and dangerous tricks for the first ten years of her life. After her performing career ended, Fifi was kept behind bars for the next twenty years.

She was never allowed outside, and she never changed cages.
She suffered physically and mentally for thirty years. That is a large portion of her life that can never be regained.

Fortunately, PETA learned about her story and decided to get involved.

They rescued Fifi from captivity and brought her to a bear sanctuary.

The rescuers were concerned about how the bear would respond to her new environment.

When PETA discovered Fifi, she was incredibly thin for a bear of her age. She was also suffering from arthritis that had been untreated. There is no way to tell how long Fifi was suffering from these issues. PETA moved Fifi to their sanctuary in Colorado and hoped for the best.

Within five months, Fifi looked like a different bear. She had gained hundreds of pounds in weight and was more active than ever. She likes to socialize with the other bears and loves running around the seemingly endless enclosure.

She is a much happier bear.

Watch the amazing transformation in the video below:

Isn’t is wonderful to witness Fifi’s beautiful transformation? Did you ever get a chance to change an animals live who had not experienced much love before? Let us know in the comments and make sure to show this video to your friends to spread the spirit of hope and love.

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