Lots of people may not know what this device is – do you?

Given the ever-changing state of things today – technological advances, groundbreaking developments in the fields of medicine and science, discoveries that change our perceptions regarding what we thought we knew about the past – it’s no wonder that the world feels a lot different to how it did when we were young.

One could argue that we’re living in the most progressive, transitionary era in human history. Whereas before it took literal centuries to implement new tools and technologies, now things seem to shift and change over the course of mere months.

For people born decades ago, society must look a lot different now than it used to. And I’m not just talking about how people treat it each other, or the cost of houses, or the types of jobs on offer, but also about the gadgets and tools we use in our daily lives…

In fact, it’s become a popular thing for people to post once-common objects and household items that have now faded into insignificance online.

You likely know what I’m talking about. Take a water dowser, for example – there can’t be many people who would recognize one of those today – or how about a hanger cover, placed on wooden hangers to stop items falling off?

In any case, we’ve found another example of what the kids today would likely presume an ancient artifact, but was once a staple in houses across the country.

Do you know what the device in the above picture is? If you’re over a certain age, perhaps you recognize it from your childhood? If you know what it is, let us know in the comments box.

For those who aren’t familiar with the ‘machine’ (I use that term loosely), it’s a precursor to the washing machines of today, known as a wringer washer.

Now, if you’re under a certain age, the washing of clothes, bedsheets, and towels will have always been a simple process, one that neither requires a significant amount of brainpower or energy.

I mean, it’s as simple as filling the machine, adding the necessary powder or liquid, and hitting a button or turning a dial. Right?

As with most modern-day conveniences, however, the road to such effortless luxury has been a long one, filled with developmental twists and turns.

Once upon a yesteryear, doing the laundry was a decidedly different experience, entailing the soaking, pounding, cleaning, and rinsing of soiled fabrics. Not only that, but even fetching the water was a process involving many steps, including carrying it in a bucket by hand, heating it over a fire to get it warm, then pouring it into the laundry tub.

Obviously having only one tub of water meant that things got dirty fairly quickly when doing laundry, while there was another step involved for then removing the soap and water from the washed items of clothing.

With all things factored in, it’s small wonder that doing laundry could take a few hours back in the day!

Had you ever seen a washer wringer before? Let us know if you had in the comments box.

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