Man turns a $10,888 shed from Home Depot into a beautiful tiny home

The trend of tiny houses is here to stay. Furthermore, more individuals are looking for ways to downsize as real estate prices are higher than ever.

There’s a good chance you’ve driven by a big-box retailer such as Lowe’s or Home Depot and noticed their assortment of sheds.

Maybe you’ve even considered using them to create a fantastic outdoor hangout area.

But have you ever considered living in one?

The TR-1600
A few years ago, Home Depot sold Tuff Shed‘s TR1600 model (which customers are now eagerly awaiting a restock). More than one person decided that this particular shed would make a great tiny home.

If you’ve ever looked more closely at these cute sheds sitting out in the parking lot, it shows it can have more potential than just a shed in your back yard.

The TR1600 is very large unit at 16′ by 16′ foot and has a base price of $10,888.

If you want it painted and tricked out with some extra interior space, you’re looking at an investment of over $22k. That doesn’t include drywall, insulation, electricity, or plumbing.

Of course, it’s still cheaper than real estate in most American cities!

A good investment?

But we’ll warn you, this very liveable version costs a cool $65,000. The couple already had a septic system and well water since they already had a home on the property.

A bare-bones tour

During the TR-1600 craze, a YouTuber named Original Texan stopped by Home Depot to take a look at the parking lot model, and nearly half a million people have now seen the video and responded with great interest.

At first, it’s hard to see the potential in the pressed wood tiny home.

You have to have a good imagination if you’re thinking of moving into it, even part-time. But the tour in the video below gives you a good idea of what you’re dealing with in terms of space.

Up to snuff?
Plenty of commenters were eager for smaller structures though.

“That is a pretty cool structure. That’s about all I would need, nothing big and fancy. That place would be perfect when fully finished and insulated out in the woods,” said one viewer.

Original Texan replied:

And that was a year ago – the housing market has only gotten pricier since then.

While TuffShed isn’t currently making the TR-1600 (at least through Home Depot), they have plenty of other models.

If you’re intrigued by the idea, take a look at the video below to see what a big box store shed can offer!

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