Man Unexpectedly Returns Early from Work to Surprise Wife & Sees Stranger’s Car near Home

A husband forgot it was his day off and went to work. Moments later, he hurried home to surprise his wife, but as he crept into his apartment, he heard weird noises coming from their bedroom.

A husband posted on Reddit’s “Cheating Stories” sub under the username Equivalent_Stock_971 explaining how he was destroyed after returning home to surprise his wife while she believed he was away at work.

Recalling the incident on Reddit, the original poster (OP) said he was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) trainee in 2010. He was 27 and happily married to his wife of two years, a career planner in the Marines.

Although their work schedules mostly overlapped, their days off were different. OP’s job permitted him to switch days with his trainees and take a day off. So, one day, he had forgotten he’d swapped a day with a fellow trainee and left for work on his day off.

What Happened When the Man Arrived Home Unannounced?

After laughing it off at his workplace, OP headed home to surprise his wife. When he reached his flat, he noticed a Dodge Challenger parked on his spot. He felt weird since ample visitor parking space was available.

Nonetheless, he silently crept into his apartment, wanting to surprise his wife, and heard strange noises coming from his bedroom. Since the bedroom door was wide open, OP heard it loud and clear.

The last straw came eight months later when the woman’s affair partner contacted OP, pleading for a favor.

He assumed his wife was alone watching “adult videos” and recalled them watching such things often together. “Wow…I can catch her solo,” he thought, wanting to surprise her with embarrassment.

But as he inched closer to their bedroom, something about the sounds he heard didn’t add up. Although the noises sounded familiar, OP couldn’t recognize the video clip. The man said he froze when he got to the door’s threshold.

He gaped at the hair-raising sight of his wife in bed with another man. Around 15 seconds later, OP’s wife looked towards the door. She was shocked as she breathed heavily and angrily looked at him and said he wasn’t supposed to be there, to which he responded, “Today is ‘MY’ day off??”

OP stood frozen in grave silence as his wife’s affair partner hurried to the doorway and waited for him to let him pass. Before he left, he looked at OP and said, “Aye man, thanks…but it is what it is,” much to the poster’s frustration.

A few moments into his heartbreak, OP saw the man was still outside in his car. In a fit of rage, he grabbed his bowling ball to smash something but was appalled when his wife blocked his way to protect the guy. That’s when OP broke down and moved away from his wife.

What Did the Poster Do after Finding Out His Wife Had Been Cheating On Him?

Following that heartbreaking incident, OP told his family and turned his attention to his work. To his surprise, though, his wife frequently attended the nursing classes at his school, sowing jealousy among the female students.

But eight months later, when the woman’s lover reached out to him, asking for a favor, that was the last straw. He requested that OP obtain a signed written letter from Equivalent_Stock_971’s wife alleging harassment against him. He promised OP that he would assist him in getting through his divorce without having to pay alimony in exchange.

Following the man’s entreaties, OP outright declined to assist. He was happy that the guy’s life was a product of karma. Subsequently, he left his spouse a voicemail, threatening to file a report if she disobeyed his restraining order and gave his details to another man.

After a turbulent divorce, OP moved on. He had a son with the nurse he dated before getting married. Through her social media, Equivalent_Stock_971 learned that his wife was doing well and decided to get in touch with her. However, he ultimately felt it was best to move on and never got in touch with her again.


Following OP’s account, anonymous comments were left by other Redditors, some of whom expressed confusion over why OP had felt the need to contact his former partner once more. Asking, user lwfj9m9:

“Why would u reach out to her????? Confused.”

“For closure and to thank her, I grew that day ten years ago…,” OP responded in the thread. Some reminded OP not to contact his ex and advised him to stop watching her for his own good.

“You still don’t know her… I don’t think you ever did… You were always Mr. Plan B. And that will be the case for a long time to come. So, you MUST move on from her in mind,” Redditor ManufacturerMuted858 advised.

As for the ex’s significant other, OP never saw the guy again. “I should have reported that Marine, but I felt he would get his… Also, it was almost a year when I have seen him.,” he recounted.

Questions to thnk about:

How would you handle the sight of your partner hooking up with someone else while you’re away?

OP was devastated to learn that his wife was having an affair and was romantically involved with her partner. After a turbulent breakup with her, he eventually came to the conclusion that divorce was his only option and moved on. After learning of your partner’s infidelity, would you file for divorce or would you give them an opportunity to prove their loyalty to you?

Would it be easy for you to move on from a divorce/breakup in a similar plight?

OP was surrounded by women at work, but because of the emotional damage caused by his wife’s adultery, he was afraid to enter into a new relationship. He ultimately married the nurse with whom he had fallen in love. If you experienced a similar heartbreak, how would you get over it and would you be willing to put your trust in someone who might show interest in you?

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