‘Miracle’ Baby Rescued Following A Devastating Earthquake Gets Reunited With His Mother After 54 Days

When a mother welcomes a child into the world after giving birth, they immediately have to bond with each other in order to connect physically and emotionally. However, it is not possible all the time because there are some situations out of their hands in which they get separated.

This is what happened to a baby named Vetin Begdaş, but thankfully, he was able to reunite with his mother after spending a lot of time away.

In a video shared by Derya Yanık, a member of the National Assembly of Turkey, on social media in April 2023, she could be seen cuddling with a baby as they rode an aircraft.

In the first seconds of the clip, she spoke with baby Vetin as she said, translated from Turkish to English: “Yes, you will meet your mother soon.”

It turned out that the baby had been separated from his mom for over 54 days.

In the interview portion of the video, Derya explained that the infant is “really a miracle” as he was able to “survive 128 hours… without eating for five days, without water, food or milk.”

The Daily Mirror reported that the baby was rescued from Hatay province following a devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria in February 2023.

After he was rescued, the nurses named him Baby Gizem, which means Mystery. Fortunately, he didn’t have any health problems despite being away for a long time.

Although he was safe and sound following the incident, his father and two brothers reportedly passed away.

The only reason why the sweet baby boy was able to be reunited with his mother was due to the help of a DNA test.

The video showed the mother, who was initially pronounced dead amidst the earthquake, cuddling with the young boy after they were separated for a long time, and Derya considered it a very emotional moment for them and every rescue worker involved.

“It was a very emotional and beautiful moment for us… Witnessing their happiness, reuniting a mother with her child is probably one of the most precious things in the world,” she said.

As a member of the Ministry of Family and Social Services of Turkey, Derya assured the mom and son that they would always support them.

“Whenever his mother needs it, we will continue to support Gizem’s education, health needs, and others,” she added.

Since the baby had already reunited with his mother, Derya only wished him the best, as he wanted him and the mom to live a “long and happy life.”

“May they never be separated from each other again. And for all our children in our country and in the world, let there be beauty, goodness, prosperity, happiness,” she said.

The story was able to touch the hearts of online users as they left positive comments in the video shared on the minister’s social media profile.

“Heartwarming Story. Momma and baby reunited together. 😀💞💛🩵💜💛💚,” one wrote.

“This is a beautiful amazing story that left me crying with joy!” another one wrote.

“Thanks for sharing – tears of joy for All!” one replied.

What do you think of the sweet reunion between the mother and her child? Do you find this story inspiring? What actions would you take if you ever get separated from your baby? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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