Mom Controls Baby Elephant’s Epic Tantrum With Classic Parenting Method

In a video originally posted in September 2014, a mother elephant in Africa used the classic parenting technique of ignoring when she did just that to her baby who was throwing tantrums in a road among some wide-open grasslands.

Children know that a surefire way to get you to look their way is to act out! You may be familiar with tantrums from human babies, but did you know that animals of other species also suffer from a childlike temper?

You may not believe it, but elephant babies also indulge in temper tantrums from time to time. In one particular video, we’re even able to witness an incredible baby elephant in the middle of one.

The video was originally posted in September 2014 and features a herd of elephants crossing a road together. But when one baby elephant reaches the end of the way, he refuses to walk any further and dramatically falls right over into the long grass of Africa.

You have to wonder what made this tiny elephant so mad. Maybe the long walk got to him, and he’s in need of a nap? Maybe his mother said he couldn’t play with his friends? Whatever the case, the tantrum is one of the most adorable things you’ll see today.

An elder elephant eventually passes right by him, ignoring the temper tantrum entirely. The young elephant then throws himself in other directions, rolling all around and flailing his tiny legs into the air. It’s simply precious to watch.

His kicks continue for an extended period of time as another elder elephant approaches, which we can assume to be his mother. The mother, likely tired of seeing her child throw temper tantrums, ignores the behavior. It’s then that the baby elephant realizes he should follow her and gets up to run and meet back up with her. Crisis averted.

With this video in mind, it now seems that humans may have more in common with elephants than previously believed. What do you think about the adorable video? Were you a child that liked to throw temper tantrums? Involve your parents and siblings for a fun conversation.

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