Mom Gets Fake Tan And Hair Done Before Going Into Labor So She Won’t Look ‘Ugly’

Women always want to make themselves look good and feel good, and rightly so. If going out to a salon or spa will make a woman feel more confident herself, let her be. It’s her right to make that choice. We’ve seen women dip in a pool wearing makeup while others go all-out with their outfits whenever they go hiking. Again, it’s their choice. But have you heard of a woman who made sure to get all glammed up before she gave birth? Honestly, we haven’t – until we came across a woman on TikTok.

Indy Clinton, a social media influencer and blogger, based in Sydney, Australia, admitted that she had been in denial that she was pregnant in the nine months that she was carrying a child inside her womb.

“I can’t stop crying. It finally hit me that I was having another baby. I felt like I’m being in denial for nine months. But (it hit me), I’m gonna have a baby by the end of the week,” she said.

When Clinton realized she was about to give birth, she brought her A-game in the days leading to her labor and decided to pamper herself. No, we’re not simply talking about getting her nails done. She actually went full blast as she made sure to get a fake tan, manicure, pedicure, and blow dry.

Being the content creator that she is, she made to document every bit of her journey on TikTok.

She went for a mani-pedi session for her first stop, getting a pink shade for her fingernails and an orange one for her toes.

After seeing the results of her mani-pedi session, she said: “God, that was a waste of $40; it doesn’t look like anything has changed.” Then again, she admitted she felt some kind of satisfaction after seeing the color of her toes, writing: “But I did go wild on my toes though and I went orange.”

She also went on a grocery run to buy some snacks and got some fake tan. Then, she went on to wash her hair and blow dry it. She said:

“Hair is washed now. I’m just moisturizing my face quickly. Then I’ll fake tan. By the way, my induction is not tonight. Also, if someone asks why I’m fake tanning for labor, do I want to look ugly when I’m pushing out a child from my….”

A day after she gave birth, she shared a photo on Instagram cradling her baby daughter in her arms.

Of course, not everyone was exactly happy about her decision to feel good about herself. So, some of the users on TikTok lashed at her. “Did you just say you didn’t like the vibe of a hospital gown? You’re having a child babe, jog on,” one user said. “Not to (be) rude it’s her choice what she what’s to do for when she goes into labour, but no one looks pretty when there pushing a baby out r they,” another user said.

But there were also those who supported her and told her they’d do the same once they went into labor.

“Hahahaha this will be me, I’ll be tanning before labor and waxing. have to feel like a queen,” one user wrote. “I put a full face of makeup when I went into labor totally get wanting to look pretty while giving birth,” another user wrote.

Would you have done the same thing Indy Clinton did before she gave birth? Let us know your thoughts, and pass this on to anyone who might be interested to read this story!

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