Mother Horrified As She Witnesses Toddler Use Bride’s Dress As A ‘Human Napkin’

Weddings are considered to be sacred ceremonies that require guests to be quiet, especially when the bride and groom exchange their vows in order to be an official couple. After the ceremony, guests mostly head to the reception area to party and interact with one another.

Many wedding parties do not just invite regular adults as they also want to include their friends and family’s children in the celebration.

However, there was one bride who had a mishap after a little girl used her dress as a napkin, and it sparked a debate in the comment section on whether children should be allowed in weddings or not.

In a video shared on @thefoxsaystwins’ TikTok account in July 2023, the bride, who wore her white ruffled wedding dress accessorized with a white bow, could be seen interacting with her guests.

As she spoke and laughed with some of the attendees, a little girl, who wore a striped dress and a pair of sandals, cheekily wiped her face using the ruffle part of the bride’s dress.

Later on, a woman immediately grabbed the baby girl to prevent any more mishaps. The user who shared the clip clarified in the comment section that it was not the mom who de-escalated the situation.

In the caption, the user wrote, “Do not recommend serving ketchup with the chicken nuggets and fries for the kiddie meal…or just don’t invite kids.”

After the video garnered thousands of likes and comments, a debate sparked in the comment section about inviting children to special events or ceremonies like this one.

One user noted that they originally didn’t understand why people won’t invite children to weddings, but they watched the video and then changed their mind.

“i used to not understand when people said no kids at their wedding but i think i understand now,” they wrote.

There were also users who noted that they wouldn’t allow kids at their wedding ceremonies.
“This is why I’m for no kids at wedding. People think they don’t have to watch them,” one wrote.

“No kids at my wedding😭👏🏽,” one commented.

“My anger issue could never😂 love the bride she’s so nice mom gotta do better,” one wrote.

“watch your kids, lmao- my wedding is def gonna be kids free,” a user noted.

Not all commenters were against the idea of having children at an event like this, as one user recalled their own wedding.

“Lol I had a blast with all the kids at my wedding!!!” one wrote.

“Unpopular opinion but kids at weddings are amazing!! Dancing with all the little kids at my wedding was one of my favorite parts of the night!!” one commented.

Another one noted that they would hire babysitters for children who would attend the ceremony.

“I’m letting my fiancés siblings bring their kids to be in the ceremony but I’ll have 2 baby sitters to stay at the house and watch the kids 4 the rest,” they wrote.

There were also others who thought that people should not exude negativity in the comment section as it was only a simple mistake, and they found the video funny.

“People in these comments not realizing the kid and mom are bride’s family & mom was trying to record kid’s reaction to dress. It’s a funny video!” one wrote.

What do you think of the kid who wiped her face using the bride’s dress? Would you invite children to your wedding? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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