Neil Diamond’s New Heart-Gripping Original Christmas Song Moves Fans To Tears

Music legend Neil Diamond has been writing and performing the songs you love to sing along with for 50 years. “Sweet Caroline” is played at every Red Sox game at Boston’s Fenway Park.

This year, Neil Diamond has written an original song that is sure to become a timeless Christmas classic. His poignant verses express everyone’s deepest yearnings for lost loved ones during the holidays.

Fans are left in tears as they remember past holidays and the people they love who are no longer with them. “Christmas Prayers” is both a heartfelt tribute to memories of past Christmases and a reminder to appreciate all you have today.

The video of “Christmas Prayers is heart-warming and beautiful. You’ll want to make this wonderful song a meaningful part of your own Christmas traditions for many years to come.

Before Neil starts to sing, the camera slowly passes over several framed photographs of loved ones prominently displayed on a piano. The room, bright with Christmas decorations, is a testament to Neil’s many years of performing. There’s a framed poster of a much younger Neil performing with the star quality that drew a legion of dedicated fans. A guitar collection hangs on the wall, testifying to all of the beautiful music he’s created for the world.

Neil Diamond is dressed quietly, a stark contrast to the flashier clothes you may have seen him wear on stage. His voice, however, is instantly familiar. He sings from the heart, with the passion that has made him a part of our lives for five decades.

Behind him is a small group of seated instrumentalists. Neil stands alone with a microphone, singing this touching and beautiful tribute to Christmas memories. You’ll find “Christmas Prayers” on his recently-released album “Acoustic Christmas.”

You’ll love this song. It’s a reminder that those we’ve lost are always with us in our memories, thoughts and prayers. Celebrate the season with joy and thankfulness for those you love, both those who share the day with you and those who cannot be with you.

Do you have fond memories of past Christmases? Do you miss someone who you have lost? Tell us in the comments and pass this on to your friends and family to spread the love.

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