Nobody Wants To Buy This Beautiful House, And It’s All Because Of The Way It Looks Inside

When a family listed this house, everyone thought it was going to be a normal real estate listing that would sell at a normal pace. Everyone was wrong. This house, which appears just like any other house on the block from the outside, is a complete and utter disaster as soon as you step through its front doors. Unless you are a huge fan of the color purple, you’re going to want to gag by all the vibrant hues the previous owners used to decorate the abode located in Middlesex, UK.

From the outside, no one would be able to guess that the home held a secret inside that would drive every potential buyer away. It goes without saying that the real estate agent who agreed to take on this listing, didn’t do their due diligence and check out the interior of the home before listing it for sale. If they had checked it out, they would have known better than to bother wasting their time trying to sell it.

On paper, this house is rather desirable. It has four bedrooms and is located in a well-off neighborhood surrounded by kind, generous people. It’s a great place to raise a family. But when you look at the interior of the home, you’ll agree that whoever decorated it had an obsession with the color purple, to the tune that they were willing to try to sell the home a few years back for the astounding price of $600,000.

As soon as you step through the normal-looking front door, you’ll be struck by how ugly the inside is. You’re utterly bathed in purple as the home floods your eyeballs with its in-your-face color choices, which happen to all be the same – purple.

Although purple has been the color associated with royalty for a long time, it is most certainly not when it is flooded in every corner of a home. At that point, it just looks like someone trying too hard to connect themselves to the idea of royalty. Unless they are just color blind and can’t tell what color is what.

If you happen to feel that this home is utterly beautiful, you may not be alone. Besides the person behind its decoration, another person did eventually purchase the home. At what price, we do not have that information handy, but it was sold. Whether or not, they called a house painter as soon as they signed the paperwork is an entirely different matter. Thankfully, the problem with this house could mostly be solved with a few new coats of paint.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. That’s why this homeowner thought it was a great idea to transform their average-looking home into a side-show display of purple that could not be replicated unless someone really, really wanted to.

The real estate agent advertised the home as having plenty of “family-inspired design,” but that just sounds like creative advertising kaka intended to trick someone into signing the paperwork.

What do you think about this British purple house?

Source: AWM

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